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New Clio Sport Owner


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Hey Guys,


My name is Oleg Doha, I just recently bought a Renault Clio Sport, its the 172 phase 2 model. Its silver and completely standard, my number plate is CLI-05P, I live in NSW.


I'm looking to start modifying it, purely based on performance, but so it is still comfortable to drive on a daily basis.

so if you have any ideas please let me know.


also if someone can tell me how to post pictures i will be more than happy too. I tried using the upload attachment, but it has a size limit...


Also if you have any ideas on good mechanics that know how to work on clios, please let me know :)


Well I hope to get to know you guys, and ill hope to attend some track days. :)


Have a good day...



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Ho Oleg,

As most may inform you here, the 172 is set up so well, it's best to get familiar with 'it' then modify. (edited)

Also, be prepared for maintainence, as THAT is priority on these cars.

- What year is your RSC?

- How many kms does it have?

Paul V has a good reputation on here (do a search) or Overs city Renault (Mascot) do solid work as i've been told.

With pictures, use a site like photobucket to upload photos, then copy and paste the thread on here. That's the simplest way.

- is this your daily driver?

- are you looking to do serious track work?

Enjoy your ride, feel free to contact me and the other forum members with any queries.

Look at the social events and head out to one of the meets. :wink:



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Hey Wolf,


Thanks for your reply,


My RSC is a December 2001 model, it has 128000kms, my brother owned it before me, and he always went to French Tech and that guy seemed to do a good job, though he was really pricey...


My brother bought the car at 86000kms and has always maintained it on time, and payed alot of money for it, we have all the reciepts from when the car was bought brand new, as the previous owners handed them down to us... we have all records of what was done for each service, and the mechanic at French Tech has said that the car as has been taken car of and I plan on continuing this level of maintainence...


This car is my daily drive but it is not necessary for me to drive it for half the week, as i have other forms of travelling to uni, i mainly use the car to get to work and back and if i go out. I want to get a cold air induction kit, extractors and a catback system and also my clutch will need to be replaced soon enough.


well here are some picture of my little beast...








also, this might be a really newbie question what does 'itm' stand for?



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Welcome Oleg! I think that was just a typo from Wolf and was meant to say 'it'.


Congrats on your picking up your 172!


With mods - unlike much of the Jap scene, the Renaultsports are performance cars from the factory. It is not easy to gain extra power unless spending money on cams, ITBs, etc etc.


What are your plans for the car?


If it's a daily/weekend car (no track work) I would concentrate on handling/brake mods:

- coilovers or eibachs/konis

- uprated discs, pads & fluid

- rear sway-bar

- camber pins

- decent tyres


If you want some more noise, and possibly a little extra go:

- v6/ph I airbox or ITG Maxogen/BMC CDA

- hi-flow cat

- aftermarket rear mufflers


More torque/slightly more power & future potential should you get into more modding:

- RSTuner

- Weight-saving (remove rear seats, spare tyre etc)



- good detail

- paint stock rims, badges, side bullets

- 16" rims


Have a look in the 'garage' section for some more ideas :wink:

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Thanks for all that info,


well first thing i want to do is a new clutch with a lightened flywheel, i've been trying to find out if the 182cup clutch fits cause i have heard its a really strong clutch, and i want to keep it renault cause the seem to last a very long time, after the clutch i want to get an full exhaust system with cold air intake,catback and extractors ... after that i was planning on working on strut bars...


I want to go on a track day, just to really test the limits of the car, cause just driving on the roads, u can feel there is soooo much potential, lol


i was wondering how much the rs tuner cost, cause that sounds like something i will b interested in doing, and also, if anyone can tell me how much a new clutch would cost? just so i have a benchmark price so i know i'm not getting ripped off.


Thanks again for all the information



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Extractors - forget about it. Your only option is to go for a replacement 182 4-2-1 system sourced from Wolf or the UK, and you're probably looking at close to $2000 (maybe more)


Strut braces - most users say they noticed little difference with or without them, but they sure look good!


Clutch - from what I've read, the stock clutch is the best bet until you start pushing 210-220hp or racing it hardcore lol and as I said before, I'm 99% sure the 172 and 182 clutch are the same unit :wink:


RSTuner - I believe they're not being made at the moment, so you will be looking for a second hand one and then buying a new licence to unlock it (it locks to the VIN of the first car it is mapped with)


Is your 172 on it's original shocks and springs? I would recommend looking at changing that if so...

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Well I was kind of new on this forum..

Also the various Renault manuals I've read forbid machining the flywheels. Has anyone heard of lightening them?? To change the clutch, the engine and front subframe comes out from under the car, then remove gearbox..

Again not quite the right place to ask on the forum, but I've never been able to get noticeable brake fade.. anyone?!



Cheers and welcome!


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I want to go on a track day, just to really test the limits of the car, cause just driving on the roads, u can feel there is soooo much potential, lol

See ya out there sometime! :D Best suggestion you've made so far. A CAMS licence will set you back about $100, along with club membership and a fire extinguisher for another $100 and you'll be on track!



i was wondering how much the rs tuner cost, cause that sounds like something i will b interested in doing, and also, if anyone can tell me how much a new clutch would cost? just so i have a benchmark price so i know i'm not getting ripped off.

$3-400 for the RSTuner if Henk makes more



I reckon at this point that your car has more raw potential than you have the skill to extract (Please don't take this as a personal slur). I've had mine for 4 years now, and I'm still learning to control it at the limit, and what works best around a racetrack or up a hillclimb. From your spelling, I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest you're sub-25, and insurance is still exxy. Gather all the knowledge you can, and then start to tinker. Know where your improvements are going to gain the most efficacy, and not turn your car into a knife-edge, with safe on one side and "why-can-I-see-oncoming-traffic-through-my-rear-3/4-window" on the other.


I run stock brakes, (and managed to boil the fluid occasionally on-track, so upgraded it) and don't see much advantage in upgrading the hardware as yet. On the other hand, an RSTuner has really helped the punch out of corners, and given me another 500rpm to play with - I think my recent 3s/lap improvement around Sandown was helped in no small part by this. Next stop will be, actually, I'm not sure.

Your car is, although small, a performance vehicle. Maintenance will reflect that. Parts cost money, and the harder you drive, the faster they wear. Don't forget the Cam and Acc belt will need changing at some time. Budget $1k for that service.


Above all, welcome. I hope your stay is long and helpful.

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Welcome aboard Oleg.

Car looks good, nice to have a good record of it's history.

unlike much of the Jap scene, the Renaultsports are performance cars from the factory.

Message should be load and clear about raw potential of a RSC, doesn't need a blow off or N1 exhaust. Continue with the servicing, nice tyres, driving it hard and enjoy.

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No 'go fast' mods needed for your car at this stage mate. I had mine for three years and all I did was added camber pins and even that was probably not necessary.


If your shocks are still original then it may need changing. Otherwise, it sounds like your car has been well maintained and you will need to do very little modification to it.


As blue has mentioned, make sure you have a good set of tyres on it - there is a tyre thread somewhere on here. That is probably the single best 'modification' you can get for this car. The closer you keep this car to factory spec, the better it is. Enjoy it !

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Hey everyone,


Thanks for all the info, its a real help, even though its confusing me a bit, I am 19 years old, and this RSC is my second car, I used to own a Nissan 300zx.


I've decided for the time being I will get the standard RSC clutch with the 182 clutch cable.


After I save up some money I want an exhaust system, which I have looked into the Miltek exhaust system, cause I want some noise and when we got the inspection done on the car a few months ago they said the rear muffler was starting to rust so I thought might as well change the whole thing out and the miltek seems to be very popular if anybody else has any recommendations with exhaust systems I am listening, also I thought while i'm doing the exhaust I would fit a cold air induction kit.


Any hints regarding what brands and piping size is very much appreciated...

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oleg , welcome .


i've a heavily modded evo as well as an RSM and half share in track focussed RSC .


i agree with the above posts , unlike jap cars , the RS factory gets the car right and they dont need mods .


the cars are stiff [ they lift a wheel on track ] so a strut bar is for looks really , not stiffness [ i have them on the evo ] . the exhaust manifold is nearly perfect from factory . save the money on that .


an exhaust can sound good and with an intake kit can make it throaty but you wont get much more kw or torque as the factory tune i pretty good . if you want sound , go for it


coilovers are good , pricey but good . some people dont like the firmer ride for daily use . you can corner balance the car and fiddle with settings for track , being the main advantage . with the klms up , they stock shocks , while excellent , may be very tired and replacement by coilovers may be to your liking .


stock brakes are well up to the job but aftermarket rotors are nice to have .


weight saving is a great place to start .. rear seats weigh a bit . have a think about weight .


overall , the mods make a bit not a lot of difference as the facvtory just gets it '' right '' out of the box .

a lot of our evo forum talk is about mods ... not so important here , its more about the driving .


....the suggestion about driver training is the best one . thats where i started 5 years ago ...get into that too .huge fun !


enjoy your 172 and ozRS

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for exhausts have a look here




I contacted them and spoke to Jane. They have a good product.

But they (in there own words) aren't really set up for international orders.

e.g: i asked for weight and dimensions for an exhaust, and they said the box size varies based on what they have lying around and the weight somehow fluctuates between 15-18kg.

Both those points make it ridiculously difficult to get a firm shipping price....actually, impossible.

3 kg difference can make an exact same system cost 5-10GBP more, and the box size could make the difference between dry weight and volumetric. So between 15kg and 45kg!

BTW, Will let everyone know if ever i can come to a more certain arrangement with them.



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Hey Wolf,


Just an enquiry regarding the exhaust system link you gave me, do i have to give you what dimensions i want eg. pipe diameter, where i want resignators and mufflers? or do they have the designs for a good performance exhaust set up already?


How is the mongoose system? also from that site, and the janspeed exhaust


if how ever you think i should go with the longlife, would u be able to help me with what design i should go for?


Thanks :)



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Hey guys!


Just bought a Renault wrist watch!!


I get it in 2 weeks!! ill post pics then


just wanted to let you all know :D



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