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Win a Green Cotton Panel Filter


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Up for grabs is a GC panel filter for a Clio 172/182.


15 entries only, $10 donation to the forum required to enter.




Support this great place :)


Prize is donated by Juice Motorsport.




1. wolf

2. mbevz

3. Moosey

4. DanSA

5. 99_FGT

6. cooper

7. daniel

8. Walkie86

9. Nath

10. strife

11. nisch

12. gdanjo

13. Pablo

14. mighty_mouse82

15. marko

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I've just bought a phI airbox off ebay so unless I can potentially swap it for a cylindrical filter it wouldn't fit! Otherwise I'd have entered by now... :(

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$10 Paid. :popcorn:


Yes, I know, I have a Ph1, but the forum has been good to me and its a good way to donate.


Cheers guys.




PS: Come on all you Ph2 crew, this is a great chance for a awesome filter for your wee beasty! :nod:

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I'll throw in a tenner as well. Put me on the list, Anthony. As a suggestion, why don't you add the "Wina Green Cotton" to your signature and direct peeps to this thread. Thanks also for your support of the site.

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  • 2 weeks later...

What the hey, I just donated too 8)


Confirmation number: 9AV49145M9891545M

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that's 4 more to go now!

there's no reason why any true lover or RS's shouldn't donate. :)


1. you're supporting the place we all love to post, share stories and knowledge, and plan events

2. you're in for a pretty good chance to win a great panel filter.

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Any updates moosey?

Now all done, guys. Thanks very much for the support all round.


If you're looking for a simple method of "drawing" a winner, Anthony, the web has a multitude of random number generators - try googling Randomizer 3000 for a start.



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