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New Melbourne RS Clio owner


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Hi Guys


I have finally taken the plunge and satisfied my hot hatch itch, recently adding an 03 Clio to the carport. I originally had my eyes on a friends old Pug 205GTi for a track day special until he decided not to sell. Not being able to find another example in as good a condition, or as cheap, I was surprised to find great deals on Clio's and decided to strectch the budget (eating into a few months play money, without approval from the accountant..)


I can honestly say that I am new convert to the amount of fun that can be had in a FWD car. I love the rorty engine, but its all about the steering feel & sense of knowing where all four wheels are. I could live without the torque steer (scarey on Melbournes tramlines) and the lift-off rear oversteer (note that the 12 cartons of wine in back seat on the return from SA solved this..). I am going to look at cost-effective mods over the coming months and will be reading what long term owners have to say. First on the agenda is a stereo upgrade and want to hear of any success stories out there.


So look forward to hearing from other RS peoples out there, and keen to get to meets and drives. Happy motoring!

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Welcome to the community!


Torque steer can be cured with a good alignment and engine mounts.


Lift-off-oversteer is driver induced :wink: just learn to keep your right foot where it should be and it won't happen... 8)

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^^^ what he said :wink:


And welcome!


Picsorban :mrgreen:

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i actually had quite a scary expirence with tram rails...

locked em up at 80kms in very very very wet conditions about 80m from a tram....

lifted of the brakes and yanked the steering wheel left.. got off the tracks and safely slowed down...


left a mark in my shorts... :wink:

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