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  1. griffyn - cheers for pointing that out man! very much appreciated...!
  2. An option to switch off signatures would be cool, is it at all possible? I have both a blackberry (work) and iPhone (personal) and prefer to use the iphone for surfing the web, blackberry browser is way too slow...
  3. With many of us now accessing the web via mobile devices, forum members' signatures which contain embedded pics/animated gifs continue to inhibit the speed a page loads... the pics may have seemed 'cool' or 'funny' at some point in time, but are they necessary?
  4. Welcome aboard - good to see another Melbourne RS owner.
  5. ace225


    welcome aboard dude! There was an 3DR RSM sitting in the showroom at City Automobiles when I picked up mine a few weeks ago, same one? same car/color/model, same city - bound to spot one another oneday soon.
  6. ace225


    Cheers all - stoked to find local knowledge available online, only ever came across Europe sites until now... The car on the Monash couldn't have been me, I've only owned the car for a month! Although it might've been the guys who did work to my car before I picked it up. There are a few around Melbourne, not that I've seen them myself! A mate spotted one in the western 'burbs, and there's another one in the showroom at City Automobiles which was transferred after their Coburg branch closed recently.
  7. ace225


    cheers griffyn! haha, got this nickname due to my initials... it sucks but it's stuck... can't do nothing about it.
  8. ace225


    Sup all! First came across a Megane in New Caledonia (french colony in South Pacific) whilst on a P&O cruise in 2003. I actually approached the driver in the middle of a busy intersection to ask what kind of car it was, haha... Owned my share of cars: AB Cordia Turbo, HJ Premier 5L, TA22 Celica, VH SLE, R32 Skyline, S13 Silvia and just recently... ... purchased a near new 2008 (reg'd, '07 plated) Renault Megane Sport 225 3DR, check it: I'll be relying on each of you experienced owners for advice, information, etc... Thanks in advance! -a.
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