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My name is Ben, I have recently bought a 04 Renault Megane Phase II X84 Sport. I have never owned one before or even considered owning one, but I saw it in the lot, loved it from the first look and totally fell for it on the test drive. Awesome cars with fantastic power with the Turbo. Anyway, I'm new, be nice. Photo's attached.







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Welcome Benny! I swear I've seen this Meggy around as I think I recognise the numberplate! Make sure you get along to some drive days, heck why not come to the National Meet in May! See the Social Section.


Enjoy 8)



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Welcome aboard Benny!


Nice looker you've got there, but I think she's a phase 1 (angle of "nostril" grilles, colour of seatbelts and "goitre" foggies).


Enjoy! :)


Yeah, not sure, just going off redbook, the Rego papers and the dealership.

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welcome to the forum mate, looking very clean :)


do u ever venture into the North Ryde area? i thought i've seen one with those plates before? or maybe i am dreaming again :o





Gryffin, yea it is a Phase 1 non cup, but for some reason all the orgs like carsales, nrma etc use Phase II in their descriptions, i think its meant to mean this is the second series meganes, but phase 1 is what enthusiasts use to describe the first series of the new series - a bit like how the 172 is an MK2 clio, but with in the 172, you have the phase 1 172 (Clio Cups over here) and then then phase 2 172 (the ones with the face lift) - get what i'm trying to say? :o

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WELCOME mate, another westerner... We are getting stronger :)



define western?


:mrgreen: SORRY i meant westy.... Too many bears during the day... This is what happens when working night shifts...


PS - BEN, would you like to join myself and few others on Sunday for a drive (see social section)

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I've seen those plates in Haberfield when the previous owner had it. He even attended a drive day with us... WAY back.


If I remember correctly, the car had eibachs fitted also. Does it still have them? Looks like it's original in the pictures...

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