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Finally a RSC 182 cup owner


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Hi all,


I have been lusting over a RSC 182 cup for some years.... and the day has finally come. I purchased my 182 from a fellow member in brisbane, and had the fine pleasure of driving it down to sydney. Not even the delays due to some roads being flooded and the torential rain at night could not keep the smile off my face. I now know what all the fuss is about regarding these go karts. Bring on the national park and snowy mountains.


Hope to meet up with you guys soon.





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WOO!! Another Inner Westie!!


Welcome to the fray! Check out the social section for the March 1st Drive Day & register your interest for the Nats proposal in the Snowies & Winton in May!




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Welcome Alesi.


Can't believe how many RSCs there are now in the Inner West!


Hope you're enjoying the new ride. Hope to see it out on the next drive day.


Congrats on the purchase. However, why sell the 205? Keep both...

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The reasons I can't keep the pug are; firstly the wife, as she wasn't too happy on me fulfilling my dream


on purchasing a 182 and hence the reason I went to brisbane to purchase one at a great price. Secondly


we now have 3 cars and only 1 undercover car space at our complex and very limited street parking.


Lastly the cost of insurance on the pug and the cash for the sale of it will also justify the purchase of


the 182 to wifey.


I've had the pug for 2 years now and I'm the second owner. I purchased it off an elderly man who


incidently introduced me to Paul V, as Paul has been servicing it for many years (at gladesville and then


at rockdale) I have many lenghy receipts or should I say essays of Paul's explaining every little detail of


the service. I look forward to introduce my 182 to him soon.


The pug only has 128000 k's and it and also unfortunately has some rust.


I hope that explains to you why I can't keep it



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