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  1. alesi


    Lovely choice of rims.
  2. alesi

    New Member

    Nice to see another RenaultSport in the famiglia
  3. When I bought my 197, I immediately was on the hunt for some recaro's....but after driving car for a few weeks, I love the standard seats. I did have experience of driving a rb8 with recaro's, and I would prefer my 197 seats to the rb8 recaro's. Sent from my HTC_0P6B using Tapatalk
  4. That's unreal....a very warm welcome Cam
  5. alesi

    INTRO: R27....

    Congrats... We are having a drive day on the 2nd November.
  6. alesi

    Buying a rs265

    The rb8 also still beeps when approaching fixed speed and red light cameras
  7. Was looking at that one on carsales. If it was in NSW, I would of snapped it up. Well done. Congrats
  8. Congrats man..I bet you are loving it!...
  9. Congrats evolved [emoji106]
  10. alesi

    Which Petrol

    Anyone still filling up at ex mobil stations, now 7 11? The attendant told me that the petrol is still mobil. Can anyone confirm this? cheers
  11. A coulple of my cousins purchased their cars based on resale values.....you guessed it they are golf gti owners.
  12. I too love the driving position of my 182 since lowering my seat. The best mod I've done.
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