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G'Day, Arctic Blue 182 cup in Melbourne


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Welcome aboard mate. Nice to see a new face from Melbourne for a change haha


There aren't too many 182 Cups in Arctic Blue around - which is strange considering how popular the Monaco Blue 172 was.


So how did you stumble upon us?


Cheers, Dish.

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G'day Mate, Love the 182 Cup in ble. Admittedly the only one I've ever seen is Walkie's and I LOVE the colour. Otherwise the majority of the Artic ones in Melb are non cup specs.


Welcome, Enjoy the car.

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I wonder if this is Wallon's original car, as I'm pretty sure he got his from Mentone originally. As Danny said, there aren't too many 182 Cups around in Melbourne in this colour... have seen a couple of non-Cups too.

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Welcome mate from a fellow newbie. All this talk of Arctic Blue Cups being rare (especially in Melb) makes me feel better.....I've got one exactly like yours. Black and silver seem to be the most common I've seen around, but most people who've seen mine say they like the colour.



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I'm also pleased to find that its rare. I really wanted FRB but couldn't find the right one for the right price, I love that blue but now the Arctic Blue is really growing on me.

FRB is totally the best colour!!! Haha.

Actually, if I were to go metallic, it would probably be Arctic Blue... it is quite a nice colour.



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