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Hi guys


Just thought I would say a quick hello as a new member to the forum. As you can probably see by my login I come from a slightly different vehicle base but at the end of the day I just have a passion for quick cars.


About a month ago I picked up a red/maroon (not sure of correct colour title) 172 for my wife. She did have this thing against hatches for some reason but I managed to talk her into test-driving a Renaultsport Clio. After that it didn't seem to be such a big issue anymore, and now I'm lucky if I get to handle the keys. Considering she came from a 95 Pulsar sedan I can understand it though.


Anyway, I'm looking forward to picking people's brains for info. on servicing, maintenance, and repairs so I'm sure you'll hear from me in the future if it hasn't already been posted by someone else. Might even get to an event/cruise if I can squeeze it between car clubs, or talk her into experiencing the capabilities of the car.





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See I wasn't lying when I said the IW is the capital of the RSCs :wink:


Tell us about YOUR car 8)


Enjoy the forum!



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Thanks guys.


The all-paw-turbo-four used to be an MY98 WRX Club Spec Evo with a lot of work done to it (200KW ATW, coil-overs, sway bars etc.). I have since upgraded to an EVO IX which I have had for about 18 months but remains stock (for now). Awesome car for skidpans and track days and IMO comfortable enough to drive around in everyday.


Previously I wouldn't have said that my wife was into cars but rather she just tolerated my obsession. However, now that she has the Clio she often remarks about how handy the power is and how she will never be able to drive a car slower than the Clio again. What have I started? I am yet to get her on the track or skidpan but she has been a passenger when I've been driving on the skidpan and said she enjoyed it... Am keen to get her some driver training to help her learn a little more about steering and appreciate the car for what it is.


Hi Brendan, thanks for the heads-up re:this forum. Totally understand not selling the car, it's definately not a seller's market at the moment and if you don't need to don't do it - it's probably worth more to you than what you would get for it.





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