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Happy to be here!


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Hey guys, im from Adelaide and just bought my first RS, a Clio 172. Its an 03 stocker with 55,000km's, 8) been looked after well and the performance of the little tacker blows me away! Got some Ei-Bach springs on the way, then have to get on to an exhaust (need some ideas!)

looking forward to getting involved in all the Renaultsport action aus wide!




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for your exhaust, talk to Mase from SA he jsut got a good system knocked up and has some data to back it up.


oh and welcome to the forum bud!


eibach's make the car look 8) in assuming your putting on sportlines and not prolines?

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Yep putting on the sportlines, looked at the pro-kit and thought that it was a bit pointless to do it half hearted.. any comments about the ride quality? thats the only thing im concerned about, ive had some lowered cars in the past (1 with coilovers and 1 with lowered springs) and after a while they became pretty irritating to drive because the streets around my area are crap!

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G'day Sam. Welcome aboard!

Good to see another Adelaidian. You said your mate has a 172 - is he on the forum?


Keep a look out for the next SA get-together. It's always a nice morning with good coffee and fun conversation :)

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Welcome Sam, nice to see another member from SA :)


I've got eibach springs in mine with 17" wheels and 40 profile tyres and its alright, no complaints! Its bloody luxury coming from coilover-d cars :)


As for the exhaust, depends which way you want to go, ive got remus on mine and loving it. Its only a muffler for now but soon to be done properly.





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cheers for all the replies guys!

im in two minds now as to get the springs or not, the ride is just so nice at the moment and it handles so well! its not like it needs it for the odd hills drive that i do..

give me a few months though and im sure they will be on it :D

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Welcome Sam


Only the coolest of RS owners drive a black Clio :wink: Look out for me at the next meet in Adelaide. Im another black RSC owner who never rocks up :lol: But i gotta get to one soon damn it. A few newbies I wanna meet since the last time i went :roll:


As for the springs, im with you, undecided. Im happy with my ride and don't want to spoil it. I just want the look. Its a tough comprimise to find.


ps...Jeffster. Was that you behind my Audi driving a Porsche ? :mrgreen:





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