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RSS feeds for OZRS forums


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I recently discovered Google Reader and really like it because I can read most news/forum posts I'm interested in via google, but RSS has not been enabled or is not supported by OZRS.


Any chance we can simply turn it on?


Would mean I can read ozrs from work without using any web quota...

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I'll alert exstatic about your question benst :wink: We are very very close to the roll-out of the php v3.x upgrade and there are a few new things that we going to introduce soon (perhaps in stages). I'm not sure whether or not RSS is supported in v3, but if not I'm sure it can be implemented if the demand is there.

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RSS = Really Simple Syndication.


Basically a newsfeed of changes to the site, new posts in forums and topics.... Usually indicated in the address bar by an icon that looks like a small orange square with 3 concentric arcs cut out.

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RSS feeds are basically a way to collate content from many places into one list. All of the websites I frequent (news sites and blogs, mostly, tho most new forums also support them) have feeds, which I subscribe to.


When I get up in the morning I fire up my browser (Opera) which has a feed reader built in. It'll show me, in one list, all the things that happened overnight on sites I subscribe to. News, commentary, webcomics, blogs, even searches on auction sites. All in one simple list!


Feeds are awesome, but it's a little hard to describe why. Having them built in to the browser is perfect: Opera shows a little icon in the address bar that you click on to subscribe. Most other solutions require you to copy and paste the feed URL...


But yeah: They're great. =)


I'd be shocked if PHPBB actually supported them.


Edit: here's a post I made elsewhere describing them:


If you don't know what feeds are... They're basically summaries of webpages. The updates - just the content, not the whole page, but each new update by itself - are issued in a smaller format. These updates, or newsfeeds, are collected automatically by newsreaders. Now, instead of checking four different news sites, three forums and the blogs of all your friends, you simply subscribe to their RSS feeds and then ALL these sites will update on your feeds. You can recognize a feed by the RSS icon RSS.png.


Opera has a built-in feed reader, and even puts the RSS logoRSS.png in the address bar if a page has a feed (or feeds) you can subscribe to.




There's a huge number of RSS clients available, and many websites devoted to allowing you to read and manage your feeds.

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Ahh, thanks for that, I understand now.

And yes I agree sounds like a neat system, but I've no idea if

we can implement it in the new forum system. We'll ask the

implementer if it can be so.


cheers, :D

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Protected content varies depending on the system used.


Most systems ONLY send the public content, regardless of credentials.


One of my forums depends on user credentials for the feed: If the feed reader authenticates itself like a normal browser session, that feed will include all of the content they're allowed to see. Otherwise it sends just the GUEST or UNREGISTERED content.


Some use the feed URL itself to determine credentials: how would you get the protected feed address if you didn't have permission in the first place?

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