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Hi from SYD! New RSM225.


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Hey guys, so I have finally purchased a European car. I traded my 99 WRX GC8 for it. Was very dissapointed by the rex.


I'm very happy with the RSM. Completely new world for me =)


Came with the sunroof / moonroof, leather pack and brembo brakes so it's "almost" a Cup my Renault fenatic mate says that the Cup has better suspension etc.


Here are a few pics:





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Hi Mate,


About time there was another Sydney Newbie! There have been heaps coming in from further south (Adelaide and Melbourne).


Anyway welcome to the forum!


So tell us what was wrong with the WRX? I had a 2002 bug eyed one for a while and it was a decent car except for the attention it always received!


I'm sure you'll enjoy the Megane!

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Hey hey!


His was the WRX with boost up, an aftermarket BOV, aftermarket muffler (just the muffler part, rest of the exhaust was stock), boost controller and boost up that would be about two car lengths down against my 172 to 150-160km/h.


He drove my RSC... so perhaps you should ask him!


The Megane looks hot btw! :D

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Hey There .......


Welcome along to OZRS..........its a friendly place to be.......


Good to see a P1 225 with LUX pack going to a new home... :D ...get that baby cleaned up (She does need a wash.. :P ..), and post up some more picts in the readers rides section.


If you are ever heading up to Newcastle, don't forget to call in and say G'Day....... :wink:


Cheers - Dave.

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Welcome mate. If you're around, you should get along to the Drive Day on the 20th :wink:

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Welcome to the club of European Snobs! HA, not really.


I'm keen to know what was wrong with the WRX too.


Hopefully spot you around or see you @ the drive day!

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