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New to this!


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Hey all,

I'm new to the forum. Bought my silver 2003 Clio 172 nearly 12 months ago. In love with the thing. Just spent the last hour on here. Some really great posts. Getting around Newcastle, NSW; not a lot RSs here. Hope to get in on some of the rallies etc. esp on the Putty Road. Nothing better than the sound of that 2L roaring through the valley!

Cheers :D

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hey mate,


welcome to the forum!


more than welcome to come aling on the drive day on April 20. Even if you dont want to do the whole day (due to having +1-2 hours each way) then possbily come to meet us all, have a chat and the first bit through the nasho?

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Will finally have some time tomorrow to get the poor 172 washed, so I'll try and get some pics up before it's a mess again! :lol: Also, I'm interested in the drive day, but am not sure if I can make it at this stage. Hopefully I'll be able to come along for a while, but I'll have to let you guys know closer to the date.

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Nice pics mate... I like the King Edward Park backdrop.... I hope one day there is an OZRS drive day to Newcastle (i.e. via the Vineyards of course)...


My olds live in Waratah and the inlaws in New Lambton so I get to pop up there every couple of months or so.. so hopefully can meet up for a drink or two.... possibly with dboy as well...


Enjoy the little beast !!! That'd certainly be unique up there...

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