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205 Driver


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Hi peoples!!


Im not a Renault driver but I love them all the same. I have been invited here by a couple of guys from aussiefrogs.com (thanks masse and murcod) and I have been to a couple of your events.

I took my Volvo S40 T4 to the Dyno day in Adelaide a couple of months ago and went on a great spirited run last weekend with a few of the guys.


I find you guys to be far more pro-active in your events and also much more liberal in your posts, which is way less stressful.


Sometimes on AF you feel as if you are being LYNCHED online!!!


So I hope you dont mind a PUG driver hanging out on the forum.





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Welcome IcebergStu,


I think you'll find that people here love great driving cars, especially hothatches.. no matter what the breed..I think AF caters for a broader range of cars, opinions do differ. I find unnecessary personal attacks that frequent a lot of internet sites are rare here and that's why its such a good forum...


Maybe the SA guys will convert you to an RS, cause "resistance is futile" :)

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Hey Stu ...Welcome mate ...dont worry we wont hold it against you for driving a Peugeot.


Before buying Renaults again i went through a few Peugeot's .... 205GTI, 405Mi16, 306S16, 306GTI6, 406SV Special .... so i cant complain about you having a Peugeot..... Anyway's you have the best one they ever made ! :wink:


Enjoy your time here .... Your right the guys here are a good bunch :D

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Hi Stu, welcome to the club, you can certainly drive that thing, and for , what was it? $1500 ? Bargain of the year!


If you can go that quick in the pug, imagine in an RSC!


One day !


Cheers pete

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Hey Stu! Welcome!!

I missed the last drive, but will be up for the next one :)


My driving will, however, be a little tentative for a while, since my son rolled his car that same weekend as the last drive :(

Just a normal reaction for me I think...I'm sure I'll get over it and be back to 'normal' soon enough :)

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Hey Stu


was good to meet up in Stirling. As you know i had a 205 GTI as well and loved every minute with her.

In some respects it was better than my Megane - for steering feel no other car i've driven can match the 205.

As a matter of fact i've read that R.S. engineers keep a 205GTI as a reference point when working on new cars.

Pity Peugeot haven't done the same hey...




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I sold a 1987 205GTi to buy the RSC. If I ever get the space I still want to put a 1.9Mi16 motor into a 205. Especially a Mk1 with no power steering.

Fantastic cars. The RSC is the car the 206GTi should have been (tested both, bought the Clio).

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welcome stu


met you on that last cruise. 205 gti,s rock !


especially at the price you got it for.


who knows. if your lucky you may find an RSC at a similiar bargain price one day. then you can be an RSC boy too.


see you on the next cuise 8)





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G'day Guys,


pretty new to Ozrenault so thought I'd say hello, particularly after reading the last few posts. 205s are cool with me, my last car was a series 1 GTi & it was a sad day when it had to make way for the 182 cup (which rocks). Anyway they're both top cars in their own right and its cool to see so many keen on their euro hatches around adelaide.



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