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brisbanite with a clio

The Aussie DragonByte

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Hi All,


I've just purchased a gold 2003 clio expression valve. Hope to see you all around sometime in brisvagas. I'm a compolsive cruser :P . I'll get some pics up when i get home tonight.

Welcome The Aussie DragonByte to OzRS :mrgreen:


A Clio is a Renault is a Clio 8)

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Weloome mate. Good to see a non RS get on board. Any mods planned? I saw a really nice non RS the other day in Sydney with nice wheels and a sports exhaust. Sounded really nice.


I have a few mods planed Moosey,


I'll be getting this body kit


with these rims as the cosmetic mods.



Other than that, I do plan to get a sports exhaust, sports shocks, and if possible a small turbo kit. But that won't be happening till next year when I turn 25 and don't have to pay through the nose for rego and insurance if my car has mods.

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Welcome to the site the Brisbane crew has just had a burst of life good to see we will have to get a drive day organised or get everyone out to the next track day. Congrats on the purchase and look forward to catching up.

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