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New 172, courtesy of Wade


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Hello all!


I'm the said Pom and new owner of Wade's old 172 (see post at http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/forum/vie ... e&start=15). Great condition flame red 30,000km 172 and am very happy.


As you all probably know Wade, he's kept the car in great nick and the interior is immaculate! Having taken it for only a limited spin so far, can say I'm well impressed. Reminds me of my old 205GTI in terms of shear zest except the fact that it's faster and much better built. Will hopefully get to test the handling out over the next few weeks.


Wade mentioned to me that some of you organise drives out of Sydney and I'd love to get involved time and the missus (newly married so quite under the thumb!) permit. May need a few weeks to get acquainted with the car first though!


I'm now going waste most of my day reading up on the FAQs posted - great site btw!


Hope to hear from you all.



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Congratulations. She's a good'un 8)


Beware of the wife! We got our first RS clio about 10 months ago now, and my wife liked it so much we had to get her one too! :lol:

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Congrats on the purchase ... now you can spend 3-4 weeks reading all the posts on the forum and then probably another 1-2 hours per day reading all the new ones! Well worth it to, a lot of great info!


In regards to the wife ... tell her the clio is one of the safest cars on the road because its road holding and braking ability keep it out of trouble (not to mention airbags galore). Or just let her not want to drive it and keep the car all to yourself!

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Welcome mate :D


Congrats on a great purchase :)


Wade's car was built at the start of the week, rather than on friday at the renault factory :mrgreen: ...........so she's a good un 8)


enjoy your new beastie, and great to see wades car going to someone who appreciates and enjoys it so much :D




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Hi DT .........welcome........great car..........well done!

I know the car personally , having driven with Wade in Sydney, she's a beauty!

Cheers Pete

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Congrats on the purchase


i can definately say after purchasing mine in april one of the best decisions i have ever made! :D


enjoy learing the clio, lots of fun to be had


see you on a drive day soon



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Good choice mate!!


I'm glad Wade's car has gone to a good home 8)


Enjoy her & see u at the next social event!



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