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Lurker - RS265


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Hi All, 

Long time lurker with an RS265 Trophy+ in Oyster Grey. 

About to hit 95k and seeking some recommendations from the Sydneysiders regarding mechanics, specifically around timing belt installs/work..

Additionally an open question for all, what other work is recommended to coincide timing belt change out, previous cars I've done water pumps? 

Thanks for your time, 


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in Sydney i would go to RenoTech. When doing timing belt i would also do the Cam Seals. 

I had timing belt done 2 years ago, seals wern't done, now its leaking, so i need to have a new timing belt put in before the 4 year mark.

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The accessory belt is a similar timeframe from my understanding and not too hard to do yourself if you're so inclined, but I do that at the same time the timing belt is done. But like Matt said Renotech will sort you out, easily one of the best reno shops.

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