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  1. agree Fred is the best! He works at Superior Auto in Albion
  2. your best bet is to go to a quality paint and panel shop, and show them the paintwork. Ask for their opinion, then ask for a written quote for what has to be done, to get the car back to new car condition. Then i would bring the quote to the New Car Delearship's Dealer Principal, and demand that the car be reinstated to new car condition, because that is what you have paid for. Let us know how you go.
  3. that's the reason i fill up with 7 11, Premium 98 Fuel
  4. Thanks Maaarlon, timing belt kit was really cheap ( it's a 1/3 of the price compared to what is charged by a Renault dealer here !!) and also the Reno Genuine filters were cheap, so i ordered a few today!! cheers Ray
  5. Thanks for that info mate!, by the way do u know if Dephaser Pulley needs to be changed with timing belts? cheers Ray
  6. rayrs

    Advice Please :)

    your 5 yr w/ty would start when car was 1st registered
  7. rayrs

    Advice Please :)

    your car does come with 5year w/ty, the new megane rs Series 4, has been wound back to a 3 yr w/ty
  8. Hi, i made a payment to Anthony through Paypal for 1 sticker on 30/11/2018, but i still have Not received the sticker, please check!! thanks Ray
  9. Hi if i want to order this sticker, in the Store under Merchandise is it just labelled as Stickers for $11 each?
  10. Hi all, today i finally purchased my 2015 RS275 C P, but i have to wait for 2 weeks to pick it up. I look forward to meeting the QLD group at the Dec 20th gathering, cheers Ray.
  11. Hi, guys in NSW, does anyone know the history of this RS275 Cup Premium at MacArthur Auto in Narellan? Anyone fancy going to check out the car for me? ( i'm in Brisbane) address is 8 Yarmouth Place Narellan thanks, Ray
  12. Hi i've been looking at an RS275 cup premium at Carrara, i drove the car last Sunday and it felt sluggish, car has 30,000ks. I've since driven another same model car with 55,000ks, and this car had massive get up and go!! I was wondering if any Gold Coast members have the time to go check out this car for me? (i'm in Brissie). The owners name is Karl, mobile no is 0458 619 889, thanks so much, Ray
  13. rayrs

    Factory Floor Mats

    was that for the front and rears?
  14. Hi, were the Front and Rear floor mats supplied as standard equipment, with NEW RS275/ Trophys/ Premium models ? or were they accessories? thanks Ray
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