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My 20th anniversary Clio 200


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Hey guys just thinking about things ill need for roadworthy. My seats suffer from the common holes formed in the side bolsters. I only have this one photo but you'll know what I mean. Will these pass roadworthy or how can I quickly do a repair to pass a roadworthy? Black cloth tape? Seat cover? Thanks


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Problem with seat covers is air bag functionality and like you say, the stretch over the bolsters will look shithouse.

I had my Recaro covers swapped out under warranty, it was almost an admission that they stuffed up when they fixed the problem by fitting vinyl in those sections on the Megane facelift.

You , or anyone could fish around and see if Renault still have stock of the replacement covers, could be an ideal time to do that before they are obsolete. 

Or just have trim shop do the bolsters in vinyl. They are simple enough to remove. 


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3 hours ago, SimonH said:

the seat cover is just to get the car through the Vic roadworthy process, any tears in the seat can be a failure

It just seems bizarre.  Roadworthy is about making sure the vehicle is properly identified and safe to use and nothing more.

Seat cover which impairs the proper deployment of a side airbag should definitely be a roadworthy failure.

A small cosmetic tear in a seat - what possible safety implications could this have?

But then again, since when have Australian legislators actually needed to use common sense?

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Agreed - not sure if it is something that has been misinterpreted over time. Below is an extract from the Vic Roads standards - seems to me a small tear does not impact unless "defect" can be taken as any kind of tear. bit of a stretch


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