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  1. Thank you both so far. I intend contacting the owner of the Toro A&D in Brisbane since that car is local for me. I've read what I can on matte paint and if I had space in the garage, it would be a non-issue and I'd be happy to take care of it properly. However, this would be a third car for the household so unfortunately, it will live in the driveway. I'm a bit dubious how well it will stand up to outdoor life since it can't be clay barred or polished if it starts to get a bit weathered. But then again, I prefer to drive it than look at it so maybe it doesn't matter. The red car in Victoria looks nice but has higher k's and has been modded. It would need to pass a QLD roadworthy and it would be a hassle to buy it then find out the suspension won't pass rego or something else that I'd need to fix. But it's not like the owner has gone nuts - it's pretty tastefully done. The current wheels/tyres and brake pads suggest likely track use but provided maintenance is up to date, probably not a big deal. It's priced lower on account of mods and k's. If either owner is on here and wants to DM me, please do.
  2. G'day, I joined the forum just to do some research but thought I'd say hi. I used to own two cars, a bit of a "hi-lo mix" so to speak. A BMW M2 and a VW Up. My Up was recently written off in a very minor accident so I'm looking to replace my daily driver. Despite its low cost, it was a really enjoyable daily and allowed me to keep the M2 as a special occasion car. I modded the Up with some KW coilers and wider RE003 tyres so it was a hoot. Gutless though. I'm looking to build on the compact car go-cart experience but looking bring it up a level or two. Natural successors would be a Fiesta ST, a Polo GTI or a Clio Cup. I'm strongly drawn to the latter which is why I'm here. Budget is $15-20k and I think I should be able to get a decent series III in manual. I already track the M2 and I will definitely track the Clio if/when I get one. We have a few Renault guys come to the BMW club track days and the Megane's they drive have really impressed me. I understand that preferring manual eliminates later model cars. The M2 is DCT and while awesome, it will take a lot to convince me not to buy a manual this time around. Any tips or low down on cars currently for sale are welcome. Thanks! Greg.
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