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    Hey hey!

    You mean this problem? I solved it by downsizing my regular coffee order from Grande to Tall. Want a soft drink? It's cans or nothing. Plastic bottles won't fit. If you are desperate for a taller drink, the Clio has a single cupholder at the rear of the centre console intended for the rear seat passengers. It takes a bit of contortion with the left arm and shoulder but it's do-able. The Meg may not have this? I sure wouldn't trade the Renault for a Hyundai just to get a better cupholder though
  2. That car's got 178,000km on it. No thanks.
  3. We all know RS Clios are awesome. I have one. My daughter learned to drive in it and now has her Ps. She's been looking around at cars and eyeing off vanilla (non-RS) Clio 4s on Carsales. With a budget of 10-12k she can easily pick up a <5 year old model with low ks. Even though has no problem driving my manual, for some reason she wants an auto so I guess that's the 1.2 turbo. So realistically, are these decent cars for the money or would she be better off looking at other cars in the same class like Fiestas and Polos or even the next size up in i30s, Corollas etc? We're
  4. Good choice. You should be happy with the results. What were the old tyres you had on it?
  5. Yes, you are correct. But a whisker indeed - overall diameter increase of 16mm. 15mm is the limit in most states. I've certainly heard several reports of the handling being better on the narrower (more stretched) tyre.
  6. Also, if you want serious performance, 225/40/18 is also a valid choice and far, far more choices, including some ultra high performance, street legal semi-slicks suitable fro track use. Hankook RS-4s are my personal favourite in this category.
  7. 1. Go to an online tyre site like tyresales or tyroola. 2. Search by size and see what's available. 3. I'd also suggest you look at 215/40/18 - they are a legal fitment to your car and more common than 205's in that profile and diameter. In my opinion, they are also a better fit on a 7.5inch wide rim which is what you have. 4. When you see what is available, consider your budget and what you are looking for with regard to performance. Given it's a sporty car, a high performance street tyre like Michelin Pilot Super Sport is a good choice. If budget doesn't stretch that far, s
  8. I used to fit a 29" duallie into the back of a VW Up! Mind you, the front passenger seat was all the way forward and tilted towards the dash (unusable). Now with a Clio, I can fit the same bike in the back with the passenger seat in a normal position. So it's easily done. Front wheel off, obviously.
  9. Probably not but they do compromise your roadworthiness, insurance and wallet if you get caught with them. Not being judgemental - you guys can do what you want - but they are not a legal modification in any state of Australia in case you weren't aware.
  10. From my recent experience, it's seldom worth the bother trying to chase interstate rego refunds. I posted this on another forum. I recently purchased a car from NSW and just had it registered in QLD. So I thought I would enquire with NSW RMS about getting a refund on the unused portion of the rego. Vehicle has 3 months left with the expiry date 8th October. The maths goes like this: 1. Registration component is non-refundable. We only refund the road tax component on a pro rata basis. This is $280 for 12 months so pro rata is $70. 2. In order to do this,
  11. A grey morning in Brisbane 👽
  12. Some nice water beading on the matte paint this morning. Who would have thought 😁
  13. Done deal! I'm now the proud new owner of this car. Thank you very much to Deb for offering her car to me in such terrific condition and the patience needed to manage an interstate purchase. The car is fantastic. I flew down to Sydney on Saturday and drove it back to Brisbane over the weekend. I'll post a more detailed introduction and review once I've spent a bit more time with the car but so far, it's just delightful. I know I'm preaching to the choir...LOL. A couple of things to do this week. I've got it booked in for a QLD roadworthy tomorrow which is necessary to change to reg
  14. Thank you both so far. I intend contacting the owner of the Toro A&D in Brisbane since that car is local for me. I've read what I can on matte paint and if I had space in the garage, it would be a non-issue and I'd be happy to take care of it properly. However, this would be a third car for the household so unfortunately, it will live in the driveway. I'm a bit dubious how well it will stand up to outdoor life since it can't be clay barred or polished if it starts to get a bit weathered. But then again, I prefer to drive it than look at it so maybe it doesn't matter. The red car
  15. G'day, I joined the forum just to do some research but thought I'd say hi. I used to own two cars, a bit of a "hi-lo mix" so to speak. A BMW M2 and a VW Up. My Up was recently written off in a very minor accident so I'm looking to replace my daily driver. Despite its low cost, it was a really enjoyable daily and allowed me to keep the M2 as a special occasion car. I modded the Up with some KW coilers and wider RE003 tyres so it was a hoot. Gutless though. I'm looking to build on the compact car go-cart experience but looking bring it up a level or two. Natural successors would be
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