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  1. My daily Clio III has seen more track use in the last 18 months than my mostly weekend M2, despite the latter being "faster". Something about being able to drive it closer to my personal limit with confidence and knowing I could walk away and start over if I binned it. I'd still cry though.
  2. It's your post code, most likely. The insurers see you live on the North Shore and keep tabs on what insurance claims cost in that area. I know it's a stereotype but there's some rich folks live there who drive expensive cars. I live in Ipswich, the Bogan capital of QLD. Not much other than crapped out Commodores to run into if you need to make a third party claim.
  3. The cost of third party property cover has nothing to do with the value of your vehicle since it isn't covered. You need it to cover the cost of the other guy's car if you are at fault in an accident. Can you really afford to pay for someone else's GT3 if you run into them? Because they will sue you or more specifically, their insurance company will sue you. That will ruin your finances for life or you will need to declare bankruptcy which will also ruin your finances for a very long time. Get third party property coverage. No matter what it costs. You are mad if you don't. PS.
  4. I just wanted to say congratulations on not automatically buying a SUV. Yes, it is actually possible to have kids and survive with a hatch, sedan or wagon. we have a Clio (mk3) and a Meg. The legroom comparison isn’t too relevant since the Mk3 is only a 2 door but the difference in the size of the boot is very significant. I’m amazed how much room is in a Meg boot.
  5. If you've never done springs before, a FWD with a perfohub is not the easiest car to start out on. The rear is a simple job and doesn't require much more than a jack and a spanner; the front, not so much. @Eight is right that spring compressors on front struts are potentially very dangerous to work with. You've got a black car so learning how to manage clear coat swirls is a good thing to master. Maybe get a detailer to do it the first time if it is really bad but get yourself a random orbital polisher and suitable products and get on Youtube. Don't try a rotary polisher - they are f
  6. I'm in QLD and bought my Clio from NSW. Flew down and drove it home on its current NSW rego with the signed transfer papers in my possession. Arrived home and paid for a RWC. Needed a few things (leaking shocks) but that was OK. Took the RWC to QLD transport office and registered it in my name. Paid stamp duty in QLD. Handed the NSW plates to QLD transport. No idea if they just binned them or sent them back - probably just binned them. Nothing for me to pay in NSW. Seller could potentially have asked for a pro-rata refund from NSW registry but it didn't have long left
  7. Caduceus

    New Clio Owner

    Yes. 18x8 OEM. She’s fat.
  8. Caduceus

    New Clio Owner

    I regularly swap wheels between 215/45/17 (standard Clio 3 size) and 235/40/18 (as big as will physically fit and almost nobody does this) on my Clio 3. The handling difference is definitely noticeable but not necessarily worse - depends on what you are looking for. I have never once thought "this car needs a LSD" while running the oversized tyres. And it will absolutely outbrake the skinnier 17s. But steering feel is heavier, turn in can be a bit mushy and it is less responsive to trail braking on the track (good or bad depending on your style). For slalom and roundabout type work, t
  9. Caduceus

    New Clio Owner

    Yes. A common fitment on the A&D and some other special editions of the Clio III which come with factory fitted 18x8 wheels. The original tyre spec with those wheels is 215/40/18 but they often end up with 225/40/18s on them. And I think you have a typo in your post showing 18" wheels with 17" tyres. I know what you meant though.
  10. Still got these! My God, you packed them well and they would have survived even the most ham-fisted courier. But yes, they were easy to deal with from a receiver's perspective. Using the 17s with RS4 as my dailys and have my 18s for track with Yoko A052. Once I wear these out I'm going to reverse this situation and daily 18s with RS4s since I prefer the look of 18s on the A&D and love the RS4s on the street. Then I'll put A052s on the 17s for track duty. They are the best track tyres I've used but they aren't suited to street use - too expensive and too short lived to waste d
  11. Caduceus

    Hey hey!

    You mean this problem? I solved it by downsizing my regular coffee order from Grande to Tall. Want a soft drink? It's cans or nothing. Plastic bottles won't fit. If you are desperate for a taller drink, the Clio has a single cupholder at the rear of the centre console intended for the rear seat passengers. It takes a bit of contortion with the left arm and shoulder but it's do-able. The Meg may not have this? I sure wouldn't trade the Renault for a Hyundai just to get a better cupholder though
  12. That car's got 178,000km on it. No thanks.
  13. We all know RS Clios are awesome. I have one. My daughter learned to drive in it and now has her Ps. She's been looking around at cars and eyeing off vanilla (non-RS) Clio 4s on Carsales. With a budget of 10-12k she can easily pick up a <5 year old model with low ks. Even though has no problem driving my manual, for some reason she wants an auto so I guess that's the 1.2 turbo. So realistically, are these decent cars for the money or would she be better off looking at other cars in the same class like Fiestas and Polos or even the next size up in i30s, Corollas etc? We're
  14. Good choice. You should be happy with the results. What were the old tyres you had on it?
  15. Yes, you are correct. But a whisker indeed - overall diameter increase of 16mm. 15mm is the limit in most states. I've certainly heard several reports of the handling being better on the narrower (more stretched) tyre.
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