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Hi newbie here looking at 2019 Megane RS 280 auto


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Hi all new to forums and posting so may get things wrong... 

Looking at a 2019 Megane RS 280 auto with CUP suspension...  mid  km's ..  looks in good condition and love the look and watched many reviews and you tube videos... Just wondering what i should be looking out for before parting with the money... ie expected service costs, costs of brembo servicing and pads and what is the best tyre out there for this car. Any other tips while test driving or viewing etc and where would be best place for servicing etc ...

Any suggestions or opinions would be welcome..  volcanic orange colour just stands out and it is a great looking car



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The Orange is the best colour but then I'm biased. 

The only thing that has been an issue is the fuel pump but that should have been sorted under the recall. The 2019 should have a 5 year warranty so still have one year left. 

Service costs are relatively good. Im getting my 2018 serviced today and im looking at roughly $440 plus a loan car (Koleos!). The EDC is a nice box and doesn't really have issues.

If it's been well maintained, they're a reliable car much like any modern passenger vehicle. 

Good luck with your search

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Thanks for post, the seller says that this car missed out on the 5 yr warranty... not sure how i can check that or whether the 5yr warranty came in sometime during 2019... Says been serviced at a renault dealership so will check the service books etc ...  just wonder whether the ride will be too firm on Aussie roads ... test drive on Saturday 

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dealer had it wrong, I  bought the RS 280 Orange and has factory warranty till dec 2024 which is good. What's people's opinions on best tyres for these cars? Michelin Pilot Sport 4S or Goodyear Eagle Asymmetric 2/3?  also after  a cargo net for boot to hold down or stable stuff i have in there...  any ideas on where apart from Renault themselves?

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