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  1. Stage 2 so will see 360bhp/360ftlb safely all being well I won't be fitting a cat unless I reallyyyyy have to haha but if I did I have a friend up here who welds titanium. As for where I would put it probably in place of the centre silencer but we'll see. As for the oil temps I have an oil cooler to be fitted also as well as the turbo cooler so ill be keeping an eye on the temps for the first couple of hard runs as I know the intercooler is much larger so ill let you know how I get on
  2. Well the last time I posted on here was September 2015! haha so little update. With the Rstuning mapping weekend coming up I have been in contact with Paul for sometime regarding upgrades to the Trophy R So the list is as follows: Upgraded Rstuning turbo, decat, bigger injectors, upgraded intake pipes, air filter cone, Pro alloy intercooler kit inc turbo cooler, oil cooler. All will be fitted in the next couple of weeks ready for the trip down to Sydney
  3. I'll put myself forward for Mechanic/ Pit crew if needed also 8 years with BMW can count towards something right?
  4. I have had this also but now all sorted my password had decided it didn't want to work anymore and also couldn't change it due to the security pass. all sorted now though thanks admin
  5. And that was only a stage one map too! All I had done is remove the center silencer and the foam padding in the air box ???? Car had about 11,000 miles on it.
  6. Cheers dude It went like stink haha it was tuned by Paul at RS tuning on a rolling road so he could map it live. I was making a few quick cars along with Porsches blush when at the ring (y) FF = Full fat so basically xenons, pano roof, 19"steevs, Recaros, Nav pretty much every option available.
  7. All back safe and sound after 1901kms! What an experience/awesome road trip that was. We had an epic time traveling from Melbourne to Bathurst, blue mountains, stop off for the night in Sydney and got to see some of the rally cars just casually driving round as part of the WRC that was on. Awesome weekend however do not want to do that longer drive in a while thanks I'm pooped haha. Photos are on the trophy R register now(well a couple of them are)
  8. Well I am now the proud owner of number 144 ????????????will post pics up when I can/ back in Brisbane as currently on the road home
  9. Thanks for the suggestion chaps really want to get the paint protection then the wrap over it to protect it more. The pug weighs around 850kg and i would have to agree with both of your comments puts a massive smile on your face everytime you drive it on another note.... one more day!! haha
  10. T minus 3 days and counting This is going to sound a little strange but can anyone recommend a decent tape that would be easily removed say after a long journey? Ive found this stuff which looks ok... http://www.bunnings.com.au/bear-48mm-x-50m-trade-painters-masking-tape_p1661591 Thinking of just covering the front bumper/sills as I just don't want to pick and nasty chips before i get it home and opticoated
  11. cheers buddy ahh really? i do love a good 205! I'll have a look for it thanks man Thanks bud its taken a long time to get it where it is today haha. Haha well I've already had a white and a grey 250 so needed some colour and just so happened yellow is a good colour to have
  12. That would be awesome thanks dude ill drop you a PM and can sort something out
  13. It was the melbourne city dealership dude ok thanks for the info guys, ideally id like to get it done asap after i drive it back to brisbane so will have a good look around
  14. Sounds good pal. good that he can come to you too less hassle! Yes thats the plan dude, ill be on a 7 day permit from vic in order to drive it back. Awesome cheers man going to have a read now, ill be giving you a call when i come round to doing all this haha
  15. Look forward to it dude! Quick question whilst I'm here, Whats the best paint protection for a new car? Ive done a little of paint detailing with previous cars but id quite like this one to have a good coat of something from the start. Any help is appreciated
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