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RS265 Accelerator pedal slip


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I got a strange one but I have Rs265 and wanted to know if there is a way to remove the metal foot pedals? They have rubber in between them (normally) but mine has moved and my shoes keep slipping off the metal. See photos for reference.  I want to straight it to maybe replace it. 



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Looks to me like the metal cover is crimped around the sides in a few spots, perhaps a little persuasion with a flat blade will see the cover removed. I'd pull the pedal out to make ife easier, think it's only held in with a few nuts and an electrical connector.






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1 hour ago, HappyGorilla said:

That sounds like a bigger job than I anticipated and I think I'd need a walk through cos I'm a bit scar of messing with pedals on a daily driving car. 

You could do what I have done in my 182 to stop the deadly slippery pedals - I superglued some course sandpaper on the pedals !!  Lots of grip and no slip..........

Nothing worse than your foot slipping off the brake pedal into turn 1 at Phillip Island at 200 kph  - a REAL sphincter tightening moment !!

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