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  1. I am too but some options in Melbourne that won't break the bank!!!
  2. The issue for arm/ elbow to window seal is annoying cos its too high. I like to sit low but want to cruise with my arm on the window seal.
  3. The reason why i brought a RS 265 Trophy + was simple. What can i have the most amount of fun in stock form for the least amount of $$$. Also I wanted to get something a bit unusual or different but not over the top - my friends and family were shocked but understood it once they saw it.
  4. So after many months of trying different things and speaking to my mechanic. He got me to try another bottle of Injector cleaner on a full tank of 98 octane. Even after tried two other brands and a octane boost it's been fixed and no longer jerks and coughs at high rpm. I think it was shit fuel from a road trip in the country i took a while back.
  5. I have the same car in black too but all the quirks of the car give it character cos its french lol
  6. Thanks for everyones help, it seems it was 3-4PSI over the limit and that triggered an error which was an easy fix which was pretty cool. Thanks again.
  7. ok so i do have auto lights that turn around corners as you turn the streering wheel. The issue was the tyre pressure was only 2-3 psi to high. Once i lowed it slight the error went away and didn't bother adjusting it.
  8. It had a message saying adjust tyre pressure. Maybe it's pumped up to much or something?
  9. Hey Gents, Anyone know how to reset the tyre pressure sensor on a megane rs 265? The drivers manual isn't great and the options I get is - parking sensor, language, auto door locking while driving, auto dipped-be headlights, auto rear wipe with reverse gear, front parking g sensor, rear parking sensor, parking g sensor volume. I can't seem to find the tyre pressure options. Please help as I have pumped my tyres up. Cheers
  10. Any photos of your install? and did you keep the colum controls or just disconnect it?
  11. i asked and its too old now. but what is MY Renault exactly?
  12. HappyGorilla


    There is a facebook group i get registered to join - maybe try that.
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