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Must be yellow


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After nine years in a Liberty wagon my wife threw down an ultimatum: "Too big, too black - I miss the wrx."

The brief was simple, something small and yellow.

The solution was just as simple and a perfect excuse to get something fun to complement the snow-friendly Subie.

We are not exactly new to the quirks of Renault, having previously owned a 4 and a 12, but a manual Clio Cup is the first real performer.

The Liberty is, as you would expect, quicker, but the little yella fella is way more fun on our many local twisties. 

Thanks to everyone for the information gleaned while lurking for the past three months. 


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Possibly @lachlan8.  It sat unregistered at Meridian for a while.  Good history for the first few years but there was a recent gap before the non-Renault dealer changed the oil.  Difficult to get the full story from a dealer. In this case I bought from the man who got it from the Sydney mob then changed his mind two weeks later!  Don't know what he paid. It checked out so I simply changed all fluids, filters and belts to put the maintenance schedule back to zero.  It's a keeper so if I'm happy ........

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