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Previously owned the megane 275 premium and last year traded it in for a Golf R. Last week I swapped the Golf for a megane 280 RS cup. For me the Golf is an awesome car but not as engaging as the megane. And how I missed a gear stick!




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Interested to hear your opinions/review of all three as a comparison piece?

What are they like to live with from meg 3, to golf r to meg 4, which is the better handling, which has the better stick shift, how is the space between golf r and meg 4 etc?

Meg 3 or Meg 4 cup which suspension setup do you prefer?

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I am definitely no car reviewer but I’ll give it a go! 


Meg 3 275


Very firm ride (which I loved but some passengers complained)


3 door so quite tight in the back 


Loved the alcantara touches but some parts of the cabin were fairly basic and felt cheap 


Sound was fantastic - spitting and popping through the akrapovic exhaust 


Feels like a car that you have to drive and the more you drive it the more reward it gave you.


I found the handling to be sharp and accurate. Despite some of the reviews I read I found the clutch and gearbox easy to live with, I have only ever driven manuals though 


Personally I thought it was a very good looking car 


Boot space was deceptively good - better then the golf R


Technology lacking with no heated seats, lane departure, apple play, etc. Again for what I wants in a car I didn’t miss any of these things but when you compare with other cars in the price range...



Golf R


Very fast and absolutely sticks to the road. 


Everything about the car is excellent - but here lies the problem. It does everything for you - floor the accelerator and it will work out how to put the power down going through the gears with computerised skill. Point it into a corner and it will grip and hold. All four wheels working to propel you forward or around a corner - but it’s all done for you. It’s so refined it’s almost boring 


Very versatile - could drive it like a race car or put the parents in the back and take a drive to Berry in comfort mode 


Had to work hard to get any decent sound from the car 


Meg 4 


Only had it a week! 


So far I have driven it back from Melbourne in a dealer permit and sorted all the registration out Friday. Took it out this morning. Already I find it more engaging then the Golf but definitely not as quick. Few times I have not got the power right on launched and the front has struggled to get the power down. I am getting better though and should have this sorted - mainly driver error at this point. 


Don’t like everything controlled through r-link - bugs me that I have to constantly mess with it switching from AC controls to map to whatever else - feels like to much is going through it now. 


Glad I went for the Cup - I want a car that makes me smile and this does. Again still getting use to what you can do but on the twisties it’s been fantastic. Suspension is super firm but no more then what I remember from the 275. 


Love having a soundtrack back! 


Hand break is slightly awkward - feels a little high but for me this is out weighed by having a hand brake back! 


Loving the gear box - again I read a review that talked to it being “clunky” but I love the solid feel of the gears clicking into place 


Overall it all comes down to what you want. The Golf is a fantastic car - it really does everything. Put the parents in the back and set it to normal and you have a well behaved hatch with a lot of poke should you want it. Take it out on your own and set it to race and away you go - however, for me to much is done for you.


The Megane’s are harder to live with in respect to their set up but this is only a problem if you bought one without doing your research! I also found that the Renault has a certain following that understands that - whether it was a 265, 275 etc you always get a knowing nod when you bump into a fellow owner. Golf’s, if you include the GTI, seem to be everywhere and most seem to be driven by car owners rather then car enthusiasts. 

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We bought our megane RS 280 cup manual the same as yours to replace my wife’s 2008 golf R32.

Whilst the golf was a good car it was never engaging like the megane is. However I find the megane an interesting car, it is like its bored just driving normally and when you drive it harder it’s suddenly alive.

The somewhat clunky gearbox along with the rest of the car works brilliantly when you’re driving purposefully rather than floating along. As you say it rewards you for making the effort to drive properly.

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I have concluded that all the RenaultSport models are designed to be driven hard and fast. They are track cars that are toned down enough to be driven on public roads. 

They want to be thrown into the next corner. Otherwise they pout 

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I have concluded that all the RenaultSport models are designed to be driven hard and fast. They are track cars that are toned down enough to be driven on public roads. 
They want to be thrown into the next corner. Otherwise they pout 
I find my Megane III was fun at any speed. Unlike my Focus which needs to be going pretty quick to get interesting.
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