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  1. K1ngpin

    Coming home...

    Gambit I am definitely no car reviewer but I’ll give it a go! Meg 3 275 Very firm ride (which I loved but some passengers complained) 3 door so quite tight in the back Loved the alcantara touches but some parts of the cabin were fairly basic and felt cheap Sound was fantastic - spitting and popping through the akrapovic exhaust Feels like a car that you have to drive and the more you drive it the more reward it gave you. I found the handling to be sharp and accurate. Despite some of the reviews
  2. K1ngpin

    Coming home...

    Yes is a Cup. Wasn’t sure about the orange until I saw it up close. It looks really good against the black and getting the windows tinted next week to add some more black!
  3. K1ngpin

    Coming home...

    Previously owned the megane 275 premium and last year traded it in for a Golf R. Last week I swapped the Golf for a megane 280 RS cup. For me the Golf is an awesome car but not as engaging as the megane. And how I missed a gear stick!
  4. Just a quick post to say hi to you all. First time owner of a Renault - already loving the forum.
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