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Advice on buying Renault Megane R.S. 275 Cup Premiu


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I have just joined the forum, as I am looking for advice on buying a Megane RS 275 Cup Premium. I have read all the reviews I can find, and have been waiting for a car to come up for test drive and sale in Victoria (I live near Geelong, but on a dirt road, so black cars are out). I have driven a succession of fast and modified hatches (but never a Renault), but currently drive a modified current model MX5.

My reservations about buying an RS are concerns about Renault reliability (which is why I am looking for a car with a decent remaining warranty) and the ability to cope with the crappy roads west of Geelong. This is NOT a daily driver, but a fun car for country drives in the You Yangs and beyond.

I am quite prepared to wait for as long as it takes for the right car, once I have managed to get a test drive to prove the RS is right for me.

If an RS is not the right car for me, I may have to wait until next year for when second hand Hyundai i30n's start to appear.

All advice appreciated.


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What do you want to know? The reviews will tell you some of it and this forum has the rest!


In a nutshell - brilliant car and in my experience completely reliable. Fabric seats suck up the dirt, best stick with leather. Save up for decent rubber and brake pads and you’re all set.

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Plus 1 what Chuck and Speedfiend have said.  Cup Premium is the continuation of what was previously the Trophy LE, so has all the good bits of that such as all the nice trimmings inside, Akrapovic exhaust etc... so short of getting the Trophy R, is the best of its breed.  Contrary to popular belief, Renaults are quite reliable, so you don't need to have concern, and the Cup Premiums will have balance of 5 year warranty in any event.

Great car, great specification, and great fun.  The more time you spend in one, the more you will appreciate it.  Perfect for week end blasts - pretty much second to none for that unless actually you want to throw at least another 50 large at your car (and potentially not even then). 

RenaultSport Meg III's seriously punch above their weight for the twisty road week end blast!

Check out the "for sale" thread on here as there are always forum members changing cars, selling what usually are well-loved examples.

Good luck in your search and welcome to the forum.


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Thanks for your positive experiences on reliability. Just need to find a car for sale now. I'll keep an eye on forum classifieds.

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