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  1. Hi, I am interested in a 2105 Megane RS 275 Cup Premium for sale in Tassie, but I am in Geelong, Victoria. Any suggestions for an expert in Tassie that could check the car for me? Brian
  2. Thanks for your positive experiences on reliability. Just need to find a car for sale now. I'll keep an eye on forum classifieds.
  3. Hi, I have just joined the forum, as I am looking for advice on buying a Megane RS 275 Cup Premium. I have read all the reviews I can find, and have been waiting for a car to come up for test drive and sale in Victoria (I live near Geelong, but on a dirt road, so black cars are out). I have driven a succession of fast and modified hatches (but never a Renault), but currently drive a modified current model MX5. My reservations about buying an RS are concerns about Renault reliability (which is why I am looking for a car with a decent remaining warranty) and the ability to cope with th
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