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My First RS - Clio 200 Cup (Gen III)


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Hi gang, 

I finally pulled the trigger and bought my first RS! Im absolutely head over heals for my new Clio 200 Cup.  Ive always wanted one and Im glad to say its lived up to the hype! Its a Toro Red example, Gen III, 2013 with the awesome Recaro seats. Ive taken it for a spin down to the mornington penninsula, including the windy roads around Red Hill and Arthurs Seat and oh boy, it certainly is the type of car that reminds you how much fun driving is, especially with a 6sp manual. It really does defy belief the speed you can carry through corners and how much punch the 2L engine has. 

Now for some reality though as I need to service it (something I knew before buying) so does anyone have any recommendations for where to get it serviced around Melbourne, either through a Renault dealer or other Renault/Euro/French specialists? 

Cheers, and I look forward to being a part of this community!

Renault Clio RS 200 Cup 001.png

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My twin! That'd be the one recently sold with very low klm! Nice. Not many red Clio 200's sold in Oz. I'd guess 10 or less. I know those roads very well and it's a nice place to stretch it's legs.

Auto Paris Box Hill is where I go. (As well as quite a few folks on here.)

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Thanks guys for the tip. apple3337 youd be correct! At first I wasnt overly keen on the red, despite generally being a fan of red cars, but its really grown on me and now I love it. The uniqueness of it also adds to the appeal

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2 hours ago, Nikod123 said:

Congrats! Looks amazing emoji7.png Maybe another person to add to the Renault meet emoji6.png

Welcome @Marcus36, great choice in RS :wink: check out the social events section for Renault Roundup! I think it'll be a good opportunity to meet a whole heap of us and put faces to the online avatars and cars :P

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