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  1. yiannos18

    New RS265RB8 Owner

    I have been wondering what a K20/24 swapped Clio 3 would go like, besides a rocket 😎 This RB8 though. So much drool.
  2. A glaring omission here is the engine code. F4R 832 suggests it's a 200 as a 197 is F4R 830. That alone would mean the seller has cooked it and listed it as a 197. If I was you, buy it and don't let him know that he has no idea [emoji23] Sent from my CPH1607 using Tapatalk
  3. You'll be fine then! Renault here charges absolute astronomical prices for things that are a third of the price over there. Neither, I have an ED ready for it attached image for appreciation. Currently has a B18A1 heart from a DA Integra which is good, but can be better... hehe
  4. Welcome Jacky! I can tell you right now the worst of the worst is the shipping from the UK and conversion from GBP to AUD. If you can deal with that, everything else is a breeze bar some ridiculous toolbox additions that you'll need (13mm ratchet, torx set and an 8mm square). P.S. if you're looking for a home for the K20, I have a Civic that would benefit xD hahaha Enjoy your stay and hope to see you post up that you have a RS soon!
  5. Welcome @Marcus36, great choice in RS check out the social events section for Renault Roundup! I think it'll be a good opportunity to meet a whole heap of us and put faces to the online avatars and cars
  6. Vastly different ways of achieving a similar result. If you want to work hard and be rewarded with speed, Clio all day, every day. If you want to just put your foot down anywhere and everywhere, Meg. If you want both, a Meglio (warning - money pit! hahaha)
  7. Download Waze on your phone and get a phone cradle, it has everything and people can report mobile speed cameras too
  8. About time, you've been killing me here 😂
  9. Welcome Bakks! Given I picked up a 197 a few months back (R27 - none of the fancy lux options, just Cup chassis and Recaros) I can tell you that a road bike AND a mountain bike easily fits in the back. My Giant Defy fits with only one wheel taken off, the Trance requires both wheels off since its a fair bit longer but still fits easily with the dropper post down. There's quite a bit of bang for buck with these cars and they are relatively practical given how small they are!
  10. Welcome! I know exactly how you're feeling (minus the whole family aspect... do my bikes count? haha) and took the plunge for an older Clio. Though, having sat in a Clio IV, I can say that all the modern conveniences are there and the interior is a nice place to be, especially in comparison to the Impreza's one. Boot space is a decent size on them, but it's hard to say for a pram, as prams come in the equivalent of kei-car to massive SUV style. You might have to take a pram to pop in the boot to check it out in that regard. Performance wise, you'll notice the most from the car being about 260kg lighter than the CVT WRX. After all, the RS philosophy is all about balance as opposed to outright power, so you'll probably find the performance more accessible day to day. The Cup chassis from what I've been reading at the very least, will leave you speechless with how capable it is. I know it has with my Clio III and comparing it to my previous car (2012 Kia Rio, lots of handling mods. Super fun but slow, needed to be worked hard for speed!), the all round cornering was just effortless, so much so, that my favourite section of driving road felt totally mundane while doing the same speed. Given the Clio IV has the extra beef from the turbo giving low down torque, it'll be quite the nifty unit for the day to day, as well as punching it (to the speed limit, of course... ) through the twisties. DCT reliability, I feel, is a non-issue provided you treat it like an automated manual. Being a dry clutch, it's always going to be less strong than a wet clutch system, but driving it like a manual will more or less mean trouble free services. Looking forward to seeing what you get!
  11. Thanks everyone! I genuinely giggle every single time I start it up, every trip is a wondrous, fun adventure I believe we have! After watching your Clio banging laps out like nobody's business, the Clio seemed to (unconsciously) be at the top of my list for a replacement car. ​It was a saddening moment but cars can be replaced, people can't. I've popped some photos of a before and after (before photo was the Swinny day) Hahaha, oh dear. I sincerely hope there aren't any cracks, I really do like these wheels a lot
  12. Hi all! ​Been a bit of a lurker for a little bit now. Was on the hunt for another car after my pride and joy, a 2012 Kia Rio SLi, got written off at the wrath of a Commodore. It was a quirky little car that was fun to drive and given a twisty road, could give blood noses to some more serious cars. However, armed with an insurance payout and some more knowledge about cars than what I did when I got my P plates (and now being fully licenced), I figured it was the best time to step up to something that was... well, proper. And a little different, because that's just the way I roll. Enter the Clio3 RS R27! ​Couldn't pass up on the opportunity of such an awesome little car. ​There's a few things that need to be addressed but I'll get to them slowly: steering wheel is peeling (standard RS from what I've been reading) seats need to be retrimmed and tightened (again, standard) left side suspension top mount knocks (rubber is worn out) few little scratches and dents in the paintwork wheels scuffed drivers door needs to be lifted a bit as it seems to shut contacting the top of the latch NO BLUETOOTH (Cannot deal. Previous car had it and Bluetooth music streaming was a godsend) ​ ​Overall I am super happy with this little monster and I am really looking forward to learning all about it and the community! -YD
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