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Another proud owner!

the stig

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Hey People,


I thought i would introduce myself as a new renault clio sport 03 owner, just picked it up on the weekend, it has 12,000km, purchased in jan 05, hardly been driven, so its awesome, basically a new car!, 19 month factory warranty remaining.....


As you can see (from my profile) i am a mechanical engineer, currently working in water treatment, but previously worked for automotive companies specifically in the belt, hose area, so if anyone has any questions on belts or hoses, send them to me, and i will try to help as much as possible, as all i did for 2 years was diagnose problems and assess warranty claims....


i must admit is was nervous about if the car would be quick enough (as i have owned a number of highly modified turbo vehicles) but i have been suprised, the engine in the clio's does not need many rev's on board to be pulling hard, and you can drive it basically in any gear, i am looking forward to exploring the clio!!


thanks and i hope to correspond with many of you on these forums.....

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Hi Stig

Wonder if yours is the car Mentone Renault had, I looked at it in Nov. brand new no kms, but they had a very high price on it and would not budge. Then the day after I committed to mine (18k 2002 also Iceberg Silver) in December they sent an email saying they would be advertising it for a much lower price than they had been asking for.


It was a perfect car, assume it still is. Have lots of safe fun with it.

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black spur is on my list for this weekend! but if it rains i will have to take a rein check.


I bought mine off a guy from the other side of geelong, he had bought it in jan 05, hardly driven it so it had 11712km on it when i picked it up on the weekend, he had purchased it from geelong, so i dont think it was the mentone one, but it is iceberg silver....


ill take some pics on the weekend, so then i will be able to show you the new love of my life.

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