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Howdy - Long Time Viewer, First Time Poster


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Hello OZrenaultsport.

Just an introduction to myself, name is Steve from Geelong Victoria and just paid a deposit on my first European vehicle.

What vehicle is it do you ask?

Megane R.S. 275 Trophy
Colour? White


I had a mad hot wheels collection as a kid, was always fascinated with sports cars, and can remember distinctly playing Gran Turismo on PS1 for the first time and being an utter awe of the different cars on offer. Below is a list of the cars i have owned since i was 15 years old, most recently (last week) selling my 95 r33 gtst


Mitsubishi Cordia turbo
Ford TX5 turbo
Liberty RS turbo
sil80 (sr20det)
s13 (sr20det)
Ba XR8 Mk2
r33 Skyline gtst
r33 Skyline gtst
Bugeye WRX
s14 200sx
09 Forester XT
r33 Skyline gtst

Currently - no vehicle... Deposit paid

As you can see a lot of my previous vehicles have been JDM orientated. But i've been drawn to the RS for quite some time, and to be honest i'm quite nervous getting into a French car. This is water i've never swam in before. The car is the most expensive i've ever bought, it's european, its front wheel drive... So nervous yet SO DAMN EXCITED

The main thing that drew me to this car was the fact it was built around being a fast hot hatch. I never actually really considered one given that Renault always have had the persona that they're an unreliable car. Seems its a misconception, but the fact it has back seats was a big plus as i do have kids that i need to pick up from school occasionally but still retained a true sports car with stiff suspension, a turbo engine, handling and sexy curves had won me over!!

After being stuffed around by dealerships, finding it near impossible to find a low km example I had almost had enough...

Until i met Rob and his amazingly well kept 275 Trophy, he took me for a spin showed me all the features where i had read and seen youtube videos of but never actually got to experience it in the flesh. Then he let me drive it... And i tell you what. IT WAS GLORIOUS :D

When i actually get the car i'll throw up a post and some pictures :)

Just an introduction for now i look forward to being more regular on this forum, I should be a proud owner by the weekend or early next week.

Thanks for reading my story :D




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You are going to love every minute driving this beast just as much as everyone else here does!

Great list of previous cars you have, our Renaults are quite a different kettle of fish in comparison.

Prepare to be smiling from ear to ear every time you get in it!


Some people on here will say its not a real RS if it isn't in Liquid Yellow.

But they're just jelly at how sexy they look in white XP

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Welcome! As dongerz1 says you will love it. Have had my MY12 265 for, coming up, 4 years and still enjoy driving it, often with a smile. It always improves my day when I'm out and about in it. Great therapy, better than a 'shrink', although I haven't  had the need (must work :wink: ). Track days are a bonus and give you a chance to explore its, more than capable, limits. Look forward to photos and hearing of your experiences.

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Every true car enthusiast has once owned a Cordia Turbo... ????????

Welcome to the forum Steve. Impressive last cars list and great choice now!!

That's past cars list btw...

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Don't feel too bad. I've had more than 80 cars and 20 motorcycles... ????

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