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  1. Nice! White was my first preference until I was made an offer I couldn't refuse, I now love my Titanium Grey.
  2. For exhaust note, I believe the preference on the Meg 2 is to do the rear box chop. Happy to be corrected on this. Try YouTube for an idea of the difference between stock and chopped.
  3. For instant (but non-reversible) gratification, you can rip the sound insulating foam out of the stock air box. Gives a little more whoosh, fizz and whistle. I started with a K&N pod filter but it was probably too big and therefore I needed to shorten the intake hose and bodge up a reducer to connect the filter. All fairly simple but a bit of a PITA particularly for a totally illegal solution. I now have the Ktec kit and it's a nice bit of gear but I couldn't get the heat shield to fit so I'd probably still get nicked if pulled over even though it is securely bolted to the firewall. The sound with a pod filter is awesome though, suits my juvenile tendencies perfectly. But no ricer style flutters for me, for that you need a BOV which is where I firmly draw the line.....each to their own though!
  4. Welcome Darren. As mentioned, check out the social events page. There a a Vic short notice drive day thread which is worth following. In fact Jets has put the call out for this weekend. The drive days are great, plenty of like minded RS enthusiasts to gain advice from with some spirited driving in between.
  5. Welcome and great choice! I too made the switch although in my case it was a VZ SS to RS225 so outright pace was similar but the handling of the 225!! Occasionally I miss the noise and the sheer grunt of the 8 but a quick blast through the mountains soon fixes that!
  6. LS1Virgin

    My new Rb8

    Awesome. RB8 is definitely my fav pre-facelift model. I have no doubt you'll love it. BP Ultimate for me.
  7. Meg III or Meg IV? Pretty sure that you need to use the SD card to do updates on the Meg III (I did on my 275 at least). Meg IV is probably the later version of rlink where you use a USB stick to update (like the current Clio). You also need the correct version of rlink tool installed based on model. I made the mistake of installing the later version, followed the instructions with the USB and same thing happened...nothing! Once I installed the correct version, used the SD card from the car worked perfectly.
  8. LS1Virgin

    Tassie 225Er!

    Welcome and great choice. Visited Tassie briefly for the very first time last week, it's a beautiful place and I'm sure you're going to have a lot of fun blasting your new toy around some awesome twisties! Electronics in the 225's are ok, mine has been good aside from the usual suspects - window regulators, erratic rain sensing wipers (although they still work the behaviour is bizarre), TDC sensor etc. But the good news is that the RS community is very tight, help and advice is only a short post away. Enjoy!
  9. Wow, looks super clean. I covet thy neighbours Clio!
  10. Absolutely, best part of my day x2, almost wish I lived further from work! Haven't done any seriously long drives but for me the Recaros are great. They feel very firm but they are comfortable. I have a mate who is a bit wider than me and he doesn't like them as they squeeze him a bit too much. Suspension is firm but surprisingly compliant. Road noise can be a bit harsh depending on the surface. Recommend you take one for a decent drive to see how they feel. As for the clutch, yes bit tricky at first but like any new car once you get used to it, piece of cake. I run in extreme mode which requires very little throttle pedal before engaging the clutch. Problem is getting in another manual and looking like a numpty as you stall or rev to hard looking for the clutch!
  11. Price sounds on the money, as a guide I paid 38k with 900kms back in December so you might be able to sqeeze a bit more out of it. Don't discount the practicality of Megane RS, boot is huge rear seats can lay flat and you can fit two kids in the back in reasonable comfort. Ask yourself this, are you willing to sacrifice pure everyday driving pleasure for the sake of 2 extra doors? Disclaimer - unadulterated 275 fanboy right here!
  12. Sore face could be a concern.......from grinning ear to ear.
  13. Yes, I can now see the tapatalk images. Thank you all for your concern! It's amazing what a few pointless posts can achieve
  14. I have this issue too, so let's test the 50 post theory......only one more to go!
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