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  1. Haha, welcome Ant. I met you a few years back when i had my e30, you were the first one to come up and say hi at an Allstars Eurofest event. Funny how car enthusiasts go full circle. I'm waiting for my current car to sell so i can look at purchasing a RS200 Clio or RS265
  2. This has turned out to be a good thread to follow. Keen to see what vkenneth75 does. I've driven a RS250, RS265 and a RS200 of late. The Meg's were great fun as i expected. The Clio 3 on the other hand was awesome for a NA. It was such a stiff car to drive, def made me smile all afternoon. I honestly didn't expect to have so much fun in the Clio and while both cars are engineered far above my driving abilities i think the Clio would be better for not getting yourself into a tricky situation. Only problem though is that Clio 3's are still around 20k (2010 - 2012) Today i saw a "Gor
  3. haha, good to know others thought the same. it did look great. Have you seen the 182 Cup F1 for sale. 9k ??
  4. Did anyone on the forum pick up that Black 03 Clio 172 ? I tihnk it was on carsales for a few days..and was marked as sold last night. From memory it had 76,000km, one owner and was asking $6500.
  5. Hey Steve, Welcome to the Forum. What a list of past rides.. impressive! haha love that you've even had a Cordia Turbo and the boxy as TX5-Turbo. Can see a sneaky v8 has made it's way in there as well.
  6. Hi Dave 200, Current car is a Mk6 GTI, previously rides includes bmw e30 (cruiser), '05 WRX and GC8 subaru RX When i test drove the Megane RS the other day i was very impressed. It offers cornering that i wouldn't dare attempt in my GTI. However i don't mind n/a cars and i do get the huge following the Clio has, therefore keen to check it out also. Thanks for the link apple3337, i'll be sure to check it out.
  7. Thanks everyone for the Welcome Messages. No doubt i'll be reaching out to you shortly for advice.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm looking to get into the RS world soon, whether that's a Clio 200 (manual) or Megane 250 \ 265 and yes I do realise they are two different beasts. Of late i've driven a RS265 Redbull edition and RS250 Cup which i was both very impressed with. The French quirkiness is there but it gives the cars character. Just missed out the opportunity to purchase a 1 owner 172 which would of been a great introductory to the RS world. I've always thought the 182 are great looking as well. Not sure if the owner of a black 182 Clio is on here, plate - dbk03e.. it looks Mint !!
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