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Found 27 results

  1. Hi Guys, So after many months of procrastination I finally bit the bullet and ordered my new Megane RS275 Cup Premium. I picked it up just after Christmas and so far loving every km of it! Its Pearl White with the Panoramic Sunroof. After having a break from track capable cars its nice to be back into something performance orientated. I'm Brisbane based and looking forward to joining the group drives, Nebo and track days. Once I get a few thousand km's on it I'll start looking into the modifications for track. On that note, slim line plates ordered to tidy that front/rear up Cheers Robbie
  2. Hi Guys, it was a pleasant surprise to find a dedicated forums just for renault sports like this! I am about to join you guys in the pleasure of buying my first Renault! I've got an offer for a megane 2014 RS 265 cup premium and 2015 RS 265 cup (basic) model they both got a similar low mileage but the 2014 is 2000$ cheaper and in the colour that i prefer, liquid yellow From what i gather 2014 premium has sat nav (i use googlemap/waze anyway) reverse camera (l like this) leather recaro seats with heated front seats (why heated? it'll just lower my sperm count) 19" alloy wheels 2015 standard cup no sat nav - don't need no reverse camera - sad leather trim ( leather seats but not recaro. must be the add on stock, as fabric is the normal standard stock i think) 18" wheel I guess my question to you guys is, what's the difference between the 2014 and 2015 model? it seems the performance is the same, though there's inconsistencies, (minor decimal differences) on the "speeds at 1000rpm" on different internet cache pdfs even on the same year model different RS link version? (surely there a way to update this) subtle chasis/look difference? head lights beam? visio system? blutooth? iphone connectivity? etc? (i'm just making random examples) I'm leaning towards the 2014 premium. because it's the premium package and i like the colour better, and it's cheaper. however, I wonder if I'm missing out on anything by not choosing the newer 2015 model? I just presumed updated models have certain issue fixes or minor upgrade. i would appreciate it if someone would be kind enough to explain the differences, or provide a link/pdf etc. thank you so much guys!
  3. Hello, Just introducing myself. I purchased a 225 a few months back and have now just joined the forum! Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi everyone, I recently bought a Shift light (Ecliptech Shift p2) for my 275 megane for better indication of shift point for while i'm on the track or hill climbs. The Shift light is meant to be able to pick up an ignition signal off a coil pack to use for its reference to RPM but it doesn't. On newer megane's the coil on plug has only 2 wires to each coil and this seems to be to problem, as I can get the shift light working on my brother TRD Aurion in 5 mins which had the more common 4 wires. Has anyone tried to put a shift light on a recent megane or Clio, is so how have you done it and where have you picked up the RPM feed Any info or help would be massively appreciated Cameron Shift-P2-Installation-Guide.pdf
  5. After a rather crazy week that started with my father driving an RS 265 in Melbourne for me, I fly down there in the morning to take delivery of my first Renault. It should be an interesting few days as I drive it back to Queensland. While this is my first car of this ilk, it seems that genetically I was bound to end up with something different as both my father and uncle have had (and still have) some "different" vehicles - a Morgan +4 and Bolwell for example. And I have been riding Buell motorcycle for last 15 years as well. Like I said, it's in the genes. And at the moment I could not be happier about that fact.
  6. Im looking at either of these 2013 RS265 cup or 2013 RS265 Redbull RB8? first one is $21k (has RS leather seats and 19" rims) plus on roads the redbull is $29k drive away... both have about the same Ks, Which one do you pick? cheers
  7. Hello OZrenaultsport. Just an introduction to myself, name is Steve from Geelong Victoria and just paid a deposit on my first European vehicle. What vehicle is it do you ask? Megane R.S. 275 Trophy Colour? White I had a mad hot wheels collection as a kid, was always fascinated with sports cars, and can remember distinctly playing Gran Turismo on PS1 for the first time and being an utter awe of the different cars on offer. Below is a list of the cars i have owned since i was 15 years old, most recently (last week) selling my 95 r33 gtst Mitsubishi Cordia turbo Ford TX5 turbo Liberty RS turbo sil80 (sr20det) s13 (sr20det) Ba XR8 Mk2 r33 Skyline gtst r33 Skyline gtst Bugeye WRX s14 200sx 09 Forester XT r33 Skyline gtst Currently - no vehicle... Deposit paid As you can see a lot of my previous vehicles have been JDM orientated. But i've been drawn to the RS for quite some time, and to be honest i'm quite nervous getting into a French car. This is water i've never swam in before. The car is the most expensive i've ever bought, it's european, its front wheel drive... So nervous yet SO DAMN EXCITED The main thing that drew me to this car was the fact it was built around being a fast hot hatch. I never actually really considered one given that Renault always have had the persona that they're an unreliable car. Seems its a misconception, but the fact it has back seats was a big plus as i do have kids that i need to pick up from school occasionally but still retained a true sports car with stiff suspension, a turbo engine, handling and sexy curves had won me over!! After being stuffed around by dealerships, finding it near impossible to find a low km example I had almost had enough... Until i met Rob and his amazingly well kept 275 Trophy, he took me for a spin showed me all the features where i had read and seen youtube videos of but never actually got to experience it in the flesh. Then he let me drive it... And i tell you what. IT WAS GLORIOUS When i actually get the car i'll throw up a post and some pictures Just an introduction for now i look forward to being more regular on this forum, I should be a proud owner by the weekend or early next week. Thanks for reading my story Steve,
  8. Just bought my Meg last month. Loving every drive! Been on the forum for some time and been reading up to just make sure I was making the right choice (never owned a French car) and also what options to consider. But zero regrets! Got the leather buckets, glass roof and bi-xenons! Definately looking to do the mid box delete - any good recommendations in the castle hill area? Also looking to upgrade the speakers - don't want to spend too much, and I have the sat Nav, so I can't do the HU upgrade that everyone recommends. I have an old Rockford 4 channel amp. So i'm hoping to use that and add new speakers? Recommendations of speakers and someone to fit them would be great! Also any recommendations on mechanics in Sydney? My car has been serviced with Collier automotive in Granville. Seems good and has done a great job with the car so far. Any feedback would be great! Last but not least. When's the next Sydney cruise????? Cheers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. revbundy

    Hi Rs Owners

    Hi everyone, New to the ozrenaultsport.com forum. Just discovered it and had to sign up. Question for people, Where is the best place to go to do modifications to a 2015 Renault Clio IV RS Sport in Sydney or surrounds? Thanks in advance, Jason.
  10. NICK225

    Help With This

    Hey everyone. I'm a Newbie so ill give as much info as possible. I'm need of some advice about buying this: http://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Renault-Megane-2006/OAG-AD-13664220/?Cr=1 Test drove it, wasn't as 'fast' as i thought it would be (would want to remap it) but it was sooooo smooth, no lag and the leather seats were really nice (happily surprised), plus i love the shape (looks tough and aggressive). The VIN is: VF1BM0M0660638411 1 - It says a sport cup? but is it?? 2 - Should the 180k on the clock worry me?' There is a load of servicing paper work and invoices with parts etc with their dates but no actual book with the servicing stamp... and the dealer didn't know if and when the belts were actually changed.. which worried me. Dealer has replaced loads of things for a RWC, (brakes, engine and gear box mounts). I will be getting a 5 year warranty from "Sentinel". --- So engine/electrical/turbo/mechanical things will hopefully be covered anyone know anything about this company?? There was no rattling on idle or weird noises when driving. No ticking, gears shifted smoothly etc. So pretty much I'd love any advice on what you would do, because I'm in the mindset of.... give it to me now! Got a super cheap price drive away, but rego is due in Jan and I'm banking on doing a belt change for piece of mind and a remap so thats going to be about $2000ish. very keen to hear your opinions and advice. I could pick this up literally tomorrow.
  11. Vehemently

    New Toy

    Got myself a new toy. Never owned a new car before. Was looking at second hand cars, but my girlfriend strongly suggested that it is time that I treated myself. So here it is, my new RS265 which I collected from the dealership a couple of days ago. OMG I love it. I feel like a kid again. It's like driving a luxurious go-cart!
  12. Hi, I have just purchased my first Megane RS250 Cup Trophee 2011. I was wondering if anyone could help me with a few question. When the dash lights up it shows lights for seat warmers and front fog lights. I can't locate these buttons anywhere, do these functions come standard? I'm not convinced it is a Trophee, how can i tell? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi All, i cant seem to get the Renault replay to work! the home page comes up and i have to register but it says "sorry this page is no longer available." How do i register?? or is there some different software i can use? Thanks in advanced!
  14. IanNGordon

    Rs 275

    Hello All I'm a three day owner of a new Megane RS 275 and have to say I love the car - pretty to look at (liquid yellow) and rewarding to drive. So far so good! I'm playing about with R-Link without much satisfaction - there do not seem to be any products in the shop? Regards Ian Gordon (Brisbane)
  15. Hi all, been a long time lurker and I don't actually own a renault. Over the long weekend, I went up to Melbourne and rented the Hertz Megane 265. It was black on black. Absolutely stunning car. This was my first time with a real performance car so I was blown away by the acceleration and power. ( I drive a Mitsubishi 380 which has decent power but nothing like this). For me it was put foot down an dfeel the surge of power. I loved every minute of it. Spent a lot of time driving it on Sunday and went pretty freakin fast at times. To a point where i was a little scared to drive... what with the adrenaline and all. When i picked it up I was aware of what others on here had mentioned about it, that the car was very firm, built quality was average, the stereo would suck but the drive would be amazing. And yes, all true. That stereo is awful... hehe Ride wise I found it on par with my Dad's 118d and although I could feel every grain of sand on the road, I was expecting worst. I was always keen on the liquid yellow, but after seeing it in black... well now I'm not sure. I reckon black with the Trophy-R wheels woul dbe amazing... In any case, I had a blast and now more than ever want one. I hope to pick one up next year once my job is a little more secure and I 'm permanent. but while I'm here is there any difference between pre and post facelift megane models BESIDES the front end? And would I get the same feelings and drive out of a 250? thanks
  16. Hey guys! So I drove an RS225 on the weekend, spoke to the mechanic who's done all of the recent servicing (Steve at WA Euro) and made an offer shortly thereafter. After a few back and forths, I am now the proud new owner of an RS 225 Megane Collecting this weekend; going to be a LONG week I'm happy with what I paid as it has had the belts and mounts done very recently, has great rubber on it and drives beautifully after being looked after thoroughly by its second owner. I'm just a little curious as to what exact variant it is, as the ad claimed 'Sport Cup' yet I'm reading a few things that lead me to believe it might NOT be a Cup... Not a new topic of contention as I've read a few threads on this but I'll ask anyway; Is it possible to have a Cup that has full moon-roof and full leather (which this car does)? It doesn't look as low as a Cup but it could be the aftermarket wheels skewing my perception here.. I'm actually not too bothered if it isn't, as the spec level is great, the Ks are low and it is in superb condition. Some H&R springs will get me a good ride height if I choose to go down that path anyway.. Here is a cached link to the now deleted Gumtree ad: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/eden-hill/cars-vans-utes/2005-renault-megane-hatchback/1109770749 What do we reckon?
  17. Hi guys Bought a second hand white Megane 265 Trophy a week ago and loving it! Car has so much capability and speed. Recently discovered (finally read the manual) the different graphs and throttle mapping in sports mode and it blew me away again. Drove my mates Golf R last night, even though its faster it felt so disconnected and linear compared to my RS and couldn't wait to drive mine again. I live in the Hills area so if anything's going on, hit me up!
  18. Hi Everyone, Heard great things about the folk on this forum. Hoping to get some negotiating help. 100% certain I want the new 2015 RS Megane. Have completed the obligatory 1 week hire of a 265 Cup from Hertz and couldn't wipe the smile off my face for a week. Have an appointment to test drive the RS Cup Premium 275 tomorrow and will likely begin negotiations immediately. List price in my state (WA) is $57,990. Any and all tips on • Negotiating tactics • Expected price • Things to look out for (e.g. confirming car was shipped to location rather than sent by road) • Extras to ask for will be greatly appreciated. Cheers everyone,
  19. Just a quick post to say hi to you all. First time owner of a Renault - already loving the forum.
  20. Hello, I'm new to this forum and purchased a megane 225 cup about a year ago. What started out as lust has now evolved into true love. I could not be happier with this car, it's amazing! I'm ashamed to admit that I was considering a WRX before the meg won out, so glad it did. Now when I see another ubiquitous WRX, I just feel sorry for the owner:(! Since purchasing, the guys at Auto Paris have fitted a induction kit, next will be a cat-back exhaust. Would love to hear from 225 owners with similar upgrades. Also, could someone help me with the correct name of that rubber strip that clips to the bottom of the front bumper?? Can't find one online anywhere. Would probably help if I knew what I was looking for! After a long drive to Wilson's Prom I returned home to notice it missing. Previous owner must have scraped a few curbs as it's never stayed completely clipped. Thanks in Advance, Dan
  21. Just a little imformation regarding exhaust system for renault megane rs 250/265 read a few forums in the UK about the big resinator on the 250's exhaust if you take it off the gases flow better and you get alot more popping did this and i have to say that it really sounds heaps better almost like a Evo alot more angrier..just thought I'd give you a heads up
  22. Hey guys, My name is Andrea, you can call me Dre and i just bought a 2014 GT 220 Wagon! A quick intro about me, I'm from Italy, been in Perth for 11 years. My profession is car audio installer, even if i do a lot more than that, i can fit most mobile electronic products. (i can, but DON'T like to fit alarms ) i like to stick to my lighting and audio side of things. I like my cars to be unique, so be looking out for my car's thread for all sorts of cool $#!T. feel free to PM me regarding anything to do with the audio side of things, and if i can, will help wherever possible. I have had some experience, with my previous cars, with chassis upgrades and have (i hope) a bit of an idea on what i need to do to bring the car to a satisfactory set-up. However, this is my first turbo car and don't know where to start to get a good engine set up. so counting on you guys to guide me towards success. Looking forward to get stuck in it.
  23. Hi thr, as the topic, just wondering do we have any hangout activities in Melbourne with RS owners? Finding self boring driving around ````
  24. Hi all! I am new here. I live in Melbourne and am looking to buy a car. I would like some Renault experience advice. I have searched around, researched a whole bunch and have now landed my pick on a Renault Megane sport 225. As a lot of Megane owners has said that round ass grows on you… and I think its true! haha Everything of this car seems to tick my boxes(even that ass)however I am reading some mixed info on this car here and there online and I want to know if its true. Some things I have read: - that the parts are very expensive - its minor and major services cost a lot - its only good to own one if ur in the UK - its engine bay is too complex therefore not many mechanics know how to tackle them in Victoria, Australia - labour is super expensive of replacing/fitting parts - changing a head lamp costs a few hundred bucks Things like the above concerns me as I don't want to buy a car thats going to cost me more to fix it than to buy it, if that makes sense. I am aware that maintenance will cost a bit more than some japanese cars as I previously had a Saab. but my Saab still didn't cost me that much more than japanese cars, in fact at times it was probably cheaper. Unless its my mechanic that has good connections… duno. I initially was looking at the Clio Sport Mk2, but my mechanic told me that they are very expensive to run/service etc. So I went on the search again and landed on the Megane RS 225. If any one here can tell me how much I would be expecting for a minor and/or major service for a Renault Megane Sport 225 so I can budget that'll be awesome. Just want to do some simple calculations to make the right choice without being impulsive. Another thing is, I read on one of the forums that I should either go for a phase 2 or phase 1 cup only, is that accurate? why is the phase 1 Sport no good? I saw one on carsales that is within my budget and got excited until I read that I should not get that as handling is not as good. Can anyone justify that for me please… Any Megane RS 225 buying experience you can share is much appreciated.
  25. Tattyhead

    New To Forum

    Hi Everyone. New to the forum but have owned my Megan RS Sports Limited Edition for about 6 months. Just posted something in the social forum about attending the Renault Torque Bar at the Melbourne Grand Prix on Friday. Anyone else going and want to catch up for a drink? Looking forward to joining some social events in NSW.
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