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  1. If you remove the foam liner inside the airbox and add a K&N panel filter, that alone made a big difference in intake noise. Other mods I would recommend is mid box chop, very easy and cheap way to get better sounds, I also cut out my backbox and replaced with a smalll hotdog resonator which gives a very low grumble now. headunit + sub - 100% if you like your music. Headunit alone made a world of difference but adding a sub would be perfect and good tyres - 100% adds so much enjoyment without going for a tune. Lowering is subjective, I put H&R springs in mine and looks much better imo. You don't really need a tune to use on the road but it is a welcome boost off the lights
  2. Congrats on the purchase she looks super clean and well kept! heaps of threads on first mods to read up on. But mid box chop is your best bet for exhaust upgrades. of course you can repaint the wheels (whether DIY or professional) I repainted a set to satin black with spray cans.
  3. Congrats on the purchase! beautiful colour as well. I think the blue only came on the 250 model so you have a rare piece! 100% on the res delete, can also remove the foam inside the airbox and swap for an oil filter for bit more induction noise. Enjoy your new beast!
  4. I got red vinyl and did the front lip. Really like the touch it put rather than just black and white all over Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  5. Yes good call. They also came on the 808 Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  6. Yes the above mentioned are great mods. Dump/flex pipe aren't super necessary as they are quite expensive to do with not as much bang for your buck returns compared to just a tune. Unless you go FMIC + Dump/flex, then you'll be cooking. But stage 1 is a huge improvement as is. I've also added K&N lowering springs on mine which fixes the high ride height issue. And make sure there is good rubber on them!
  7. old pac is perfect for the meg and is one of my favourite bits of road to drive on. Galston Gorge as well but its a bit too tight for my liking. Both AWD and FWD would be great on those roads. terms of driver engagement and experience the meg > WRX in there though Modding wise, the WRX has a heap more options available and is also something I've considered if I ever chose a WRX over Meg. Yes, the meg does not need much modding because it is so good already. But if you enjoy modding (like me) and that's your deciding factor, WRX is better. As an overall package and driver enjoyment/engagement meg all day any day.
  8. great purchase mate. get some pics up!
  9. The black on black looks awesome! So stealthy. Even more when tints are on Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  10. It never gets old trust me! Your Meg is already decked out so nothing more you need to do to it. Am guessing will be spending most of your time washing that black paint!
  11. Those red accents are from the "red pack" option, which included the wheels, front/back lip and sides. Can see if any wheel places will do it, otherwise, grab some red electrical tape from Bunnings! maybe only 2.5HP in comparison though
  12. +1 for renotech. they can help sort you out
  13. great choice for track work, very underappreciated machines. check the ride threads section for some awesome 172/182 builds for inspiration
  14. the dreaded topic everyone talks about regarding maintenance are timing belts. but it really isn't that big an issue, as its just another major service any car brand has. belts need to be changed every 4 years, so make sure the meg you're looking at has had it done, otherwise take off $1k off the price for a belt change. Possibly check if the engine mount bolt has been replaced? Some stories of the original bolt coming out and causing issues. other than that, nothing much else. They're an awesome car which you can't fault for comfort, that depend on your seats. people like the firm feel of the recaros, others like the standard cup seats. I personally love the recaros and looks mighty cool inside the car, but agree the cup seats are softer.
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