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Cpi Tuning Must Read


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The language used in the thumbnails suggests that someone has a particular axe to grind, maybe a competitor? Sounds contradictory in that the claim is cpi are tuning outside of safe parameters to get extra power, yet, surprise surprise when dynoed the car makes less power. There may well be something to their claim, but they need a better argument or some actual evidence before trying to publicly attack somebody's business.


From what I understand CPi are tuning our cars old school with modified Hex files (like what RS Tuner does in the background)? The hex code is dumped out of the ECU, modified and uploaded back to the ECU. Not too hard to do if you have a bit of a coding background. Makes me wonder how it was known this other company had their tune stolen. What do they do, write a signature in some little used area of the code?? Could it also have been that this car was previously tuned by MaXd, then CPi downloaded the hex, made their changes and uploaded it. It would only then change just the items that CPi adjusted, but if there was a signature somewhere it would probably still be there. That doesn't mean the map was stolen.


I'm sure CPi can clear this up.

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Good luck with that you might be in for a long wait there not real crash hot on customet service


So you've had experience with them? It'd be a shame as its so rare a tuner takes an interest in our brand.

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Hay ace sometimes people see a money making takeing advantage and it doesn't matter what the brand of vehicle

It's a shame as Renault do need someone in Australia that will put the time and effort in to tune and develop tuning for our cars

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Good luck with that you might be in for a long wait there not real crash hot on customet service

I love driving my renault rs 250cup had my tune done by cpi 3 months ago i was there first test case stepping up to do renault and i have had no problems with there tune i know they deal with VW gti Golf R Audi so it was only a natural progession to step up to another European car so when you pull up next to me at a set of lights and the lights change and your still sitting there looking at that beautiful fat a*** in the distance dont feel bad because we told you so....happy to live outside the square

How's living outside the square? I'll stick to my Rs tuner thanks.


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Hi Guys,


We are not completely sure why there are people making things up about our company but we find it flattering that they find us so interesting.


A lot of the statements made in that text message are pretty outrageous.


We have some content that we suggest any Megane owner wanting to get software applied to their vehicle should read:




The website is currently undergoing major upgrades so if those links don't work in future let us know.


There is a lot more work involved in applying a calibration to a vehicle than clicking a button and leaving. I would suggest you contact Renault Tech if you wish to learn more about the process:


Phone Numbers
0414 999 186
0432 016 910
Renault Tech undertakes the data logging and testing that we recommend on every vehicle. They have inside knowledge of the calibration changes made to Renaults and the subsequent effects and thus understand how calibration changes create power reliably. 
The point we would like to get across is that we ensure through our own research and the partners we work with that the power our vehicles create is safe.
If you have any questions we have a few emails you can use:
Sales: sales@cpituning.com.au
Support: help@cpituning.com.au
Also attached are 2 charts. Hint: One of the charts is from a MK6 GTI.
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