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  1. It clunks way too often when left to its own devices to be 'ideal'...
  2. I'd forgotten that I had bought pro ages ago. It's actually a few versions behind the non-paid option which is probably used to test new features/iron out bugs before updating the 'stable' version.
  3. Not sure if it's just me, but I cannot login through tapatalk anymore.
  4. Depending on the unit, there may be a compass symbol that needs to be touched/activated to change the config (always point north vs dynamic relative to the direction of motion) Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  5. The rsc4 does it for me... Brake. Paddle down. Auto blip. Throttle out. Should I be kneed'd too? ????
  6. All RSC4 trim levels have launch control. 18" Black rims come on the Cup by default. The Premium pack (or trophy for the early cars) added climate control, rlink, leather, sensors all round and a backup camera. 'Base' Sport and cup come with a medianav unit.
  7. More importantly, how much? (PM if you like)
  8. Needs more orange accents to complete the look. Mirrors. Spoiler. Part of the front blade/rear diffuser Rear badge does look a bit off though.
  9. I believe there's a set of 18" cup rims listed in the for sale section. Edit: nope. sold already.
  10. It's not too bad if you have homescreen shortcuts to jump directly into the chosen forum / bypass the clunky selection screen.
  11. Replace the centre resonator with a straight pipe for more farty goodness.
  12. vish

    Cpi Tuning Must Read

    This reminds me of my Reddit days.
  13. The key to crawling with the EDC is to let off the brakes, allow it to start moving then gently roll on the throttle if needed. You either need to be on or off the brakes - if you try to hold it and gradually release to crawl like you would with a conventional torque converter, it'll have a fit
  14. Bit dumb considering all the marketing around the R being a hardcore track weapon which happens to be road-legal.
  15. I didn't even bother test driving the 'sport' chassis since I wanted the black rims (lol). TBH, the ride is great most of the time, even with the H&R springs which are meant to be stiffer. When it isn't, it's usually because I chose not to slow down when I should have... My occasional (once every 3 months or so) backseat occupants hate it however (Stock... They haven't experienced the lowered ride yet)
  16. Sandra sounds like a keeper. [emoji23]
  17. vish

    New Rs Candidate

    ROFL. I wonder if that's what I sound like after sampling one too many scotches [emoji14]
  18. vish

    New Rs200 Owner

    Don't be fooled by the claimed consumption figures. The little Clio drinks like there's no tomorrow but it's so much fun !
  19. Long trips are fine, generally speaking. Rather than the ride, it'll be the road/wind noise that'll tire you out after a few hours on the freeway. All is forgiven once you get into the mountains though [emoji14]
  20. If you can live with a slightly firmer suspension, it's worth the upgrade.
  21. Wise words. I bent my rear splitter on Day 1 while reversing into the carport... Wasn't used to the 'beeps' yet lol
  22. Am I the only one who read the owner's manual? lol. Blinks + beeps simultaneously. It's not placed well enough to be seen while looking where you're going - even worse during enthusiastic runs. I end up shifting based on engine noise, usually just before the 'beep' threshold.
  23. It's a shift indicator. Orange when you're close to the shift point. Blinking when you're at/past the shift point. (In manual mode)
  24. Arthur's seat rd. Grew some balls and stuck with it through the hairpins - holy #@$% this thing grips! Can't even imagine what it would be like with a proper diff/stickier tyres!
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