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  1. Renotech are using CPI tuning for there tunes
  2. Yes happy with my tune but looking further down the track at options
  3. So Paul at rstuning just needs the screen shot form the ecu and then he delivers the correct stage 1 map/file for the car
  4. No I don't think so as people I know who have the henk rs tuner had to send a file map to henk and he adjusts the file and sends it back for you to upload via the rs tuner
  5. Just after some info on rstuning in the UK not rs tune fastchip (henk) in NL Does the remote rs tuner that Paul does come with a stage 1 map/file loaded on it ready to plug and play or do you send your file away and wait to upload the new file he has sent
  6. Do you have this part number to share
  7. cpw

    New Rs200Cup Owner

    Can you use manual race mode without using the paddles
  8. cpw

    Cpi Tuning Must Read

    Hay ace sometimes people see a money making takeing advantage and it doesn't matter what the brand of vehicle It's a shame as Renault do need someone in Australia that will put the time and effort in to tune and develop tuning for our cars
  9. 572 I think you might find a VW Golf GTI DSG better suited to your needs
  10. Have you driven one guess not so your input useless This is compared to a Clio not a rs Meg
  11. Dave200 I would disagree I find a golf r32 more fun
  12. ^ No152 this is the best comment on a rs megane to date
  13. cpw

    Nsw South Coast

    Welcome And yes im from the south coast as well
  14. cpw

    New Rs265

    Welcome AK enjoy the new ride
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