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Hi guys, I'm new to this forum but been members of others and your looks to be a good one so "hi" to all.

I'm an older bloke in 50's and by process of elimination I believe I'm looking for my next toy and believe it to be a 182 cup.

I have a background in road bikes, used to race when I was much younger. Seems the 182 may be on the money for what I'm looking for.

I've read to what to look out for when viewing second hand units.... so I now think its just a matter of searching carsales and seeing what comes up. I notice there's a car in Tassie perhaps a little long in the tooth wondering if anyone know anything about it ? Also like some recommendations for specialist mechanics in Melbourne, I am in Gippsland but also spend time round Mount Waverley during the week.

Any info would be great... cheers.


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Welcome mate. You will find the CLIO to be a great handling car. If you can't get a good 182, go the 200 for a more refined drive.

Also, check into the Lounge section of the forum and join the motorcycle discussions too. :)

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