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  1. I was not only the test driver but was also involved in the development. I also used to have huge fun scaring the sh*t out of clients on fast laps lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi people first post and who better to ask than other Renault owners. I have a 2014 Clio RS, yes the one with no manual gear box. Jjust want to know if anyone has had issues with the rims going out of shape? I have been having a issue of the car waddling at the rear when you roll at lo speed like up to traffic lights. I took the car to a wheel alignment and suspension place and they said the right rear in particular has a lump in the tyre. I have the original Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres and they still have a lot of tread on them and he said not to worry about it. I had rea
  3. Spent many happy years teaching race craft in this left hand drive beauty. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. So I bought a 172 for the SO to use as her runabout which she seems happy with But... She's had to permanently remove the rear seats to haul gear around and now the resonance from the aftermarket exhaust is so bad it blurs can almost blur vision! Any ideas to calm it down? I was thinking of taking it in somewhere to cut and weld a quieter backbox. Any recommendations around Sydney inner west? Actually any recommendation for a place to sort out the few odd jobs that need doing. (New spare key, ECU remap, sorting out the notorious melted steering wheel) Also open to swaps on
  5. Hey all, Long time OZRS lurker, even came to nats in 2013 (as a wee-lad with Trixie). Anyway, seeing as I've convinced him to share the FRB 182 with me (now he's got an M2 on the way) I thought I should make a hello post. Car is currently running an RS Tuner, Remus exhaust, Koni Yellows and Eibach Springs rolling on Speedline turinis on AD08R's. Convinced it is THE most fun car in the world. Looking forward to getting out on track for the first time properly, and of course talking [emoji90] with all you legends. Here's a couple of bonus photos! Sent from my iPhone
  6. i dont know what to do what do i have to drop first
  7. My 2001 Clio 172 was running superbly at a track day and without warning suddenly stopped. The NRMA diagnosed no pulse at the ignition module and the car was towed to my mechanic. My mechanic confirmed the diagnosis but was able to start it after charging the battery and checking all the relays. He kept the car for a few days, was unable to find a fault and was able to start it several times until it died again. He tells me it is not a mechanical,battery or relay problem and believes it is a power problem caused by a bad connection.The car was towed to an auto electrician who has yet to repor
  8. Hi I picked up a new Trophy from the dealership yesterday. I've never owned a 'performance' car before and only driven one (WRX) on a handful of occasions many, many years ago. My previous drive was a Hyundai i30! Since ordering the car and finding this site I must have read well over a 100 different topics top to bottom and have learnt heaps. I do have a couple of questions though I'm hoping some of you more knowledgable people may be able to assist with? There seems to be a million different views as to the best way to run in an engine but my thinking is to take it easy for the f
  9. Purchased a new Renault Megane GT and the TCU (telecommunications unit) is only capable of operation at 2G, the car was manufactured by Renault in October 2016 and delivered in 2017. Renault announced that 2G would not be supported any longer in June 2016 before the car was manufactured. Yet my new car comes with all the R-Link buttons working but the wrong TCU fitted making the R-Link system basically redundant. Without a net work connection the Traffic function and live maps don't works and the apps are redundant. Would like to hear from anyone with the same issues with contact details and t
  10. Hi folks, greetings from Sydney, I am evaluating building a Clio Production race car. I have noticed that the 197 is almost 60kg lighter (tare weight) than the 200. I wanted your esteemed opinion on whether the 200 is '60kg better' given they are almost the same engine power. Now here are a few things to give you a frame of reference when providing your thoughts. 1. Dedicated circuit race car so it will have all new shocks and dampers etc. 2. Will have an LSD 3. Most of the time it will be above 4750 rpm (so not about any improvments in the 200 for low end pull) 4. Exhaust will be chan
  11. ttimbo

    Old Noob

    Hi, I've been lurking around for a while, as I tried to resist the idea of buying a Clio Sport Cup. I'd like to thank everyone for sharing their experience and wisdom because..well..yes...I finally bit the bullet, and purchased a 2011 Clio Sport 200 Cup Trophee. This is a third car for us (well, me -- SWMBO will keep well away, I reckon...especially if she rides in it!!) so is purely a toy. I've previously had a range of cars for motor sport, going back to a MkII Cooper S, a Jackson built Datto 1600 rally car and, more recently, RX-8, Polo GTI, Audi S3, M135i among many. Yep, I'm old
  12. Hello everyone, If it isn't already obvious, I am new here and just want to welcome myself to everyone. Tomorrow I will be picking up 1 of my favourite cars and my 2nd ever car, which is a 2005 Renault Sport Clio 182 Cup. I hope to not only learn more about my future car through this forum, but also to meet like minded people. Also, is OzRENAULTsport a club? cheers.
  13. revbundy

    Hi Rs Owners

    Hi everyone, New to the ozrenaultsport.com forum. Just discovered it and had to sign up. Question for people, Where is the best place to go to do modifications to a 2015 Renault Clio IV RS Sport in Sydney or surrounds? Thanks in advance, Jason.
  14. Mjs

    New Rs Owner

    Hi Guys I have been enjoying the site for the past month while I was in the process of searching for and buying my RS Clio . I traded my Peugeot 208 Allure Sport on a Black Sport Trophy , picked up my new pride and joy on Monday and I'm absolutely loving it . Cant wait for the working week to be over so I can head out on nice long drive.
  15. Redsline

    New Old Bloke

    Hi, I'm in the process of buying a Clio III RS. My plan is to do track days and the like. I live in the Hawkesbury in Nort West Sydney so plenty of country roads to explore as well. What seems like eons ago I was into BMWs and had a fairly wicked E30, unfortunately like me as the years have progressed both myself and the 3 series have got a bit lard a***d. I started looking and test drove a Clio RS and promptly realised I'd found what I was looking for! Other cars in the shed are a S3 Forester XT and a current gen Patrol. The Patrol is a hoot to drive for all the wrong reasons, so
  16. Hi All, i cant seem to get the Renault replay to work! the home page comes up and i have to register but it says "sorry this page is no longer available." How do i register?? or is there some different software i can use? Thanks in advanced!
  17. Hi guys I test drove a new Clio GT Premium yesterday at Brighton Renault. I absolutely loved it, however one thing that really is holding me back is the EDC. Can any confirm they use the Getrag 6dct250 dry dual clutch? I had a Fiesta with this and it was an absolute nightmare of faults and lived in the workshop. I got rid of because of the endless problems. I think new Clios have the same transmission. Would love to hear from owners who have had an EDC Clio for a bit as shuddering and jerkiness of a dual clutch comes later on when seals and the clutch pack has had it which eventually require
  18. Hi there - just joined the forum after picking up a series II/phase 1 172 Clio. Was converted to them after a mate of mine kept taking me for drives it it for the last 10 years or so .... (Yes, I am a slow learner – however in my defense, I have been looking for one on and off for 3 or 4 years). It is no 42 of the 85 series II/phase 1's - hence the forum user name. BTW: for Aussiefrogs memners here: have been a long term member of aussiefrogs (as Only19) and been driving Renaults since the early 80's, so this is Renault no …. well have lost count, probably not quite 42, but must b
  19. Hi all, First Clio Sport I have owned. Been lusting after them for years. This will be hopefully see some track time in the coming months. Hopefully will continue to add to the RS stable. Subaru will still be my daily driver but this is to bring some joy into my life. All work and now play makes a boring day. Thanks for all the great information on the site. Cheers, Andrew
  20. Hi guys, I'm new to this forum but been members of others and your looks to be a good one so "hi" to all. I'm an older bloke in 50's and by process of elimination I believe I'm looking for my next toy and believe it to be a 182 cup. I have a background in road bikes, used to race when I was much younger. Seems the 182 may be on the money for what I'm looking for. I've read to what to look out for when viewing second hand units.... so I now think its just a matter of searching carsales and seeing what comes up. I notice there's a car in Tassie perhaps a little long in the tooth wondering if
  21. Just calling in to say g'day. I've been seeing a few other RS traveling through the Adelaide hills so I thought I'd stop in so you can put a name to the car. Got it back in Sept, so there's 3500+ kms on it so far. I've been looking at the RS range for quite a few years as I've had quite a few Renaults but the 4 doors of the new model makes it easier to get kids in the back so was a no brainer. It has been a great decision. cheers guys. Stu
  22. Hey all, So a few month's back I posted on here looking for a Megane RS250 but after looking around in the Perth market there was very little choice and room for negotiation. This led me to start looking at the Clio iii's and it just so happened that there were two of the 20th Anniversay Edtions for sale at the same time (pretty good considering there are only 3 in Perth). So after test driving both I ended up buying #26. Haven't got too many modification plans for her yet but the Akrapovic sure is tempting! Anyway, please see the obligatory photo below: Looking forward to bei
  23. Poolie15

    My First Rs

    Hi All, So I bit the bullet at the start of this year and traded in my VW GTD for a LIQUID YELLOW CLIO RS CUP PREMIUM. It went like this, i spent 2 and a bit months trying to have warranty work carried out through Werribee VW on the GTD 8 trips and a servie manager asking when was i buying a new car was the tipping point. I made call to Essendon Renault for a test drive on a Saturday morning and by 12pm that day all the papers were signed, i had decided midway through the test drive that i wasn't walking away with out the Clio the smile on my face was way to big to say no. The Cli
  24. Hello all... I have just taken delivery of a 2014 Clio RS Sport in LY for SWMBO. Coming out of a Citroen DS3 this thing is a beast. Was shocked at the trade in we got (in a good way) but I guess the car trade is doing tough at the moment. Things to do.... Well integrated reverse camera is coming. Mats fitted. Tint of course. Sub woofer and maybe the genuine alarm. I might just get a drive on the weekend........maybe....
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