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  1. If you already don’t like it now, walk away. It will only get worse as you discover more and more dodgy stuff as you get to know the car more. A good one is hard to find these days. They are at least 13 yrs old. You may want to consider the newer Clio 3.
  2. $10,000 is for a mint Clio 182 with under 50,000km! The black one in WA looks tidy and has under 100,000km so his/her starting price isn’t unreasonable. There’s room for negotiation depending on the car condition (photos don’t tell that much) and recent maintenance work. The stock F4R engine in Clio 172/182 doesn’t come alive until you hit around 5,000rpm. It feels just like turbo lag but worse because it lags till higher rpm. I have an old VAG 2.0L turbo hatch but at least that one really picks up from 3,000rpm. That’s just my opinion. The Clio is fun to drive on the twisty road. You can floor it more without getting into ridiculous speed too quick. Stops very well too because it’s very light.
  3. s9810588

    Badge removal?

    If the badges are only stuck on with adhesive, cut the adhesive with dental floss. Wrap the ends of the dental floss a few turns on a pair of chopstick, so you don't cut your fingers. Clean up the left over adhesive with eucalyptus oil. Some badge may have pins to go into locating holes on the panel though.
  4. Ha! I missed that one. If it was a 197, whoever did the conversion to 200 probably spent more money than just selling the 197 and buy a 200!
  5. I’m convinced that one is a 200. Front bumper, front fenders, wing mirrors, rear diffuser, exhaust tips and wheels all suggest a 200. Been watching closely Clio 3s for sale for about two month now. I was tempted to get it too but Recaro is a must have for me.
  6. C'mon @FredBTM these people are desperate for your first class service! 😉
  7. He's in Albury so hardly any difference buying from Sydney or Melbourne. The difference 3,000km is bugger all IMHO. The 2008 one in Melbourne has steering wheel in great condition and clean interior. That would be the one I'd take.
  8. Don't get too high from sniffing the brake and miss the braking point for turn 1 Driver Dynamics day?
  9. Definitely 2118. Totally unbiased opinion I chose 2118 because it is 7" wide instead of 6.5" wide Turini. No need for centering ring either because 2118 comes with correct centrebore size for Clio 172/182.
  10. This looks fantastic and most likely in Sydney. http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/index.php?/topic/28018-clio-182-cup-frb-2005/
  11. Noise disappear when clutch is engaged but whine when accelerating? You can't accelerate with the clutch disengaged. Or you meant the opposite, whine disappear when clutch pedal is pressed in? Could be just gearbox oil level a bit low. I heard the telltale is whine in higher gear.
  12. I went to a Come & Try at Sandown a couple of months ago just for fun laps. Got told off by the "instructor" because I double clutch heel-and-toe! He insisted I should just brake and slam the gear stick into the next gear down. Can you please knee him in the balls a few times Matt? Who knows what other bad habits he's teaching to the new comers!
  13. s9810588

    New Guy

    Clutch should only shudder when cold. Shouldn't need anymore than 2,000 rpm for smooth take off when cold. Stiff pedal is normal because it is cable operated. Torque steer where you struggle to control isn't normal. Could be from too much camber (if it has camber bolts) or too much toe out or both. Could also be worn bushings. Also search for posts by Matt205 for the location of the drain. It's behind the front wheel arch liner but I can't remember driver side or passenger. Oh and I know exactly how you feel not having air con in summer!! ????
  14. s9810588


    He's got a 182. Read his first post. Original tyre size for 182 is 205/45R16.
  15. s9810588


    Nice photo! The sunlight through the trees in the backgroung is epic. BTW 205/50R15 tyre is the closest size to original (less than 1% difference). It meets the load rating requirement too (83).
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