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New Owner Of A Clio Cup 172


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Hi all,

Just joining the forum after I randomly met some of you on Putty rd a couple of WE ago.

It was fantastic to see so many Clios and Meganes headed to Wollombi on that Sunday morning.

I am planning to take the car to Marulan race track on monday and next Saturday already... lets hope she will handle it well. I cant wait.

Looking fwd to the next group drive



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Nice one JSR,

So I took the car to Marulan yesterday and it was awesome, nice and sunny day and I pretty much had the track for myself.

Apart from an exhaust, the car is completely stock but it handled very nicely. I wouldnt say it handles like a go-kart but it is definitely pretty nimble and I didnt find it vicious at all. I need to start playing with tyre pressures and I will slowly improve the car to suit track days (tyres, pads...). 

Overall, it was great fun and that little 172cup is a lot of car for the money. 

Also, I drove from Sydney to Marulan, did at least 10 sessions on the track, then back to Sydney and I have only used 3/4 of a tank. How good is that!!

I m going back there this Saturday, and hoping to get a bit of coaching from someone more experienced and even maybe a bit of rain to make things more interesting :) 

I am a taker of any tips from anyone who has the same car. For starters what sort of tyre pressures are you guys using on the track, and where would your first $ go to make sure the car lives through a few more track days. (I am interested in set up and reliability more than outright speed).

Cheers boys and hopefully I see a few of you on Saturday


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