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Haggling - Advice S'il Vous Plaît


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Looking at a Clio Sport ex-demo on Saturday; the wife put a holding deposit on it subject to test drive. Less than 1500kms on the odo.


Was thinking of trying to get an extra year or two warranty, rear park sensors and an extra key card thrown into the package.


Should we offer a price on the vehicle then see if they’ll throw in the extras or haggle on the package with the extras?


Anyone care to share experiences,  advice,

price paid (if that's not too personal a question)?


It would be gratefully appreciated - first time dealing with new/near new via dealer. Thanks all.



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Hi mmh,


Welcome to ozRS, and a good choice of prospective new drive :)


Answers to a couple of your questions -


Warranty should be the balance of the factory five year offering. Anything that you're offered over and above that won't be factory supported, so won't be worth as much.


Rear park sensors and an extra key (the cars do come with two from new) are worthwhile things to try to package up in the deal. Factory sensors are more expensive than aftermarket items but they properly integrate with the vehicles's electronics and are covered by the factory warranty as well.


We generally don't talk price on the open forum here. It's a contentious issue, but the reality is that factory offers change from month to month, so what may have been a good price three weeks ago, might not be achievable today. We're also about community here on ozRS. We prefer owners to join up and hang around (which we don't charge for), as opposed to dropping in for pricing information and then disappearing without making a contribution to the group. Maybe try PM'ing a recent new owner if you want to know more about how they got on with their purchase.


Good luck with the purchase and hope to see you on the forum once you've locked down your RS.

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Car dealers make wafer thin margins on new cars so don't expect too much. Most "deals" are factory backed so if you are after one you need to wait until they are being offered.


Your best bet is to go for deals on the aftermarket stuff that the dealer sells (paint finishes, window tinting etc), because that's where their margins are.

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Thanks ever so much; I joined up earlier in the week and have been reading over posts to garner as much of the expertise offered on the forums - a great resource - and will, for sure add any info and assistance as I can down the track.


Thanks again for the guidance.

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Why not express some disappointment about the car after the test drive, make them think you are not convinced about the car or the packaging so you would have an out with the deposit. See what they will do to convince you its the right car.


Agree with Moosey about the dealer warranty....its not worth the paper its printed on.


.......but, getting the first or even second serviced included could be compelling.


Rear sensors are worth peanuts so just get them fitted yourself after delivery for $200.

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Good luck! I've found the prices offered for those cars to be more than reasonable - very hard to find a better car for the money.

You could go through a broker but I've never done that.

Great car at probably a great price, so I don't think there'd be much regret there if you could have saved a couple of hundred dollars.

Agree with what was said by the others on this thread.

I'm just happy for you that you've found a great car that you'll love!

Reading the other comments and threads I'd suggest making sure all the software updates are done.

Also do a revs check and ask specifically if it's had an accident or any damage. You can't trust anyone but dealers are obliged to tell you if asked, but get the revs check anyway.

Also check the build plate to make sure you're getting a car built when the dealer says it was built. I've heard of '2015 models' being actually 2014 with 2015 compliance. They're not the same and there's a difference in value.

If it's not registered yet then the warranty should start from when you take delivery of it.

Check if it's a Renault assured used car, in which case it may come with 2 free services. And if it isn't ask if it could be sold as one (no idea what the process is though!).

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I've bought several new cars and my strategy is to test drive, negotiate a price, and only then leave a deposit having signed the contract.


Not sure now is the time to decide on a different deal but good luck with that all the same.


Presumably the dealer would have the decency not to decide to increase the price or charge you for extras when you come to order!

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thanks everyone; we couldn't look at it during the week due to work commitments and thought it may sell before we had a chance to look at it, hence we put a holding deposit on it. As it's a demo model it comes with 5 years (balance) warranty and 3 capped services. Will check re: the build/compliance, revs etc. Thanks for the tips. 

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Thanks everyone for the help. Done deal. Picking up on Wednesday. Very happy with it and so grateful for the forum resources here. Learned a lot very quickly though all this expertise. Much obliged to everyone who's shared their knowledge.


Tips on convincing the better half on the mod front...? :wink:



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