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  1. welcome to the forums. Congrats on the purchase.
  2. one other thing - the launch control functionality is limited to 1600 cycles (mechanical protection). I can't remember if there's a thread about resetting that or not. If you're buying from a Renault dealer I believe they can provide you the stats on that. You might be able to ask private vendor to get the stats for you too?
  3. welcome to the forums! we're close to 40K kms in a 2015 Sport - no issues with the gearbox. in terms of things we've had to have looked at (and all warranty) - recall for gearbox software update and rear spoiler checked (someone on here had the attachment fail) - ours was fine. MediaNav unit in the base line Sport model (not sure off the top of my head which other models) - some people had problems streaming music via Bluetooth (occasional micro-drop-outs). Our unit was replaced by Renault Australia with the MediaNav Evolution unit (as were a number of other forum members' units). Problem solved. other issue we have (and ongoing but no big deal) - a slight occasional 'groan' noise turning at low speed from stand still. Numerous threads - most likely explanation is it's the hill-assist. I've never been able to replicate it in race-mode (this mode turns a bunch of electronics off and the hill assist doesn't operate either). I'm sure other people will add their experiences too. Bear in mind there was a point where Renault Australia moved from 3 year to 5 year warranty so check that out. Good luck with your search - and check the for sale are of the forum - a lot of very fastidious forum members - you might find just what you're after there.
  4. Welcome to the forums! Wealth of information here...
  5. mmh

    Hello Renault World

    welcome to the forums
  6. mmh

    Site theme

    hiya, is there a way to apply the dark theme (from re-reading the site upgrate thread there was a theme button bottom left)? Can't seem to find it thanks
  7. welcome to the OzRS forums!
  8. welcome to the forums!
  9. We've owned our 2015 RS Sport for close to three years now, approx 35K kms driving and no issues, been very happy with the car
  10. Congrats and welcome to the forums... my wife and I considered buying that one interstate and shipping it down but found the dealership communication a bit hit and miss and ultimately we passed on it
  11. because the ECU is calculating when to change down and you run the risk of effectively double downshifting which in turn adds stress to components
  12. mmh

    2014/15 Clio RS 200 ?

    Welcome to the forums We have a 2015 build model, no issues to speak of - about to click over 35K kms. Been very happy with the car.
  13. mmh

    English newbie

    Welcome to the forums Renault Car Club of Victoria are CAMS affiliated; not sure but one would assume Renault Car Club of Australia are also
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