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My First Rs


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Hi All,


So I bit the bullet at the start of this year and traded in my VW GTD for a LIQUID YELLOW CLIO RS CUP PREMIUM.

It went like this, i spent 2 and a bit months trying to have warranty work carried out through Werribee VW on the GTD 8 trips and a servie manager asking when was i buying a new car was the tipping point.


I made call to Essendon Renault for a test drive on a Saturday morning and by 12pm that day all the papers were signed, i had decided midway through the test drive that i wasn't walking away with out the Clio the smile on my face was way to big to say no.


The Clio is brilliant, absolutely brilliant.


The way it handles is incredible, it eats up the corners like they are nothing, the chassis is stiff but its confidence inspiring haha given the GTD felt like a fat whale compared to the RS.


In sport or race mode the EDC is in it's own element in drive it's useless so my RS spends a lot of time in sport mode, the pops and crackles and farts on up shifts makes me feel like a child. The RS is a great daily driver, capable in every situation it face's and also it has shamed a few V8s. Launch control is great fun on quiet back road to.


So all in all i have no regrets buying my clio rs, proud as punch to own it put a smile on my face everyday.


Cheers Zack.




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Well done and welcome to the forum. My partner bought exactly your vehicle LY Cup - she really wanted the black wheels. I couldn't are hue because it came with stiffer suspension, better tyres etc....


Was so impressed with the Clio I had to buy a 275R...


Sport mode is like a magic button - turns older guys into small boys.... and young guys into heroes.... Lol

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Nice! Welcome. Was the vw service manager asking when you were going to be buying a new vw? I got asked the same thing with my Skoda. I has nothing kind to say so I said nothing. Now have two French cars. That's what VAG did to me!

Anyway, glad you're happy (5 yr warranty nice too)

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