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Searching For 3 Characters


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Hi admin


just wondering if it is possible to open up the search function to 3 character 'words' as a minimum instead of the current 4 characters?


the 4 character minimum became a small issue for me the other day when searching for something related to '182 KTR' intake that was for sale (i found it the thread was removed due to poster being a new user, so i wouldn't have been able to find it anyway).  the search wouldn't run, because even though the 2 words made 6 characters, each word was only 3.


i was thinking about this the other day and being able to search for 3 characters would make it possible to search for things like: 172, 182, 250, 265, 275, key, lsd, ktr - which are all relevant to the forum.


thanks, and keep up the good work



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Well, the flip side is that the fewer characters you can search for the more results you get back and the less value those results.

I tried to check into the search parameters for this forum but couldn't see where they reside so you'll have to wait till another admin picks up on thie thread.

Despite that, I truelyt doubt you really want every result for 172 or 182, but more likely special combinations so you can quickly narrow down your search outcomes. Withiout the ability to filter results or use global search terms I don't think there is much we can do for you in this regards, at this stage.



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OK I rummaged a bit more and found my way into the system search options and I don't think its a good idea to lower the character count to three. The search function is set to wildcard results so searching for "exam" should also return "examine" and "hexamine" and when two words are used the default is an AND search so any results will need to contain both words, unlike the optional NOT search.


Stick with it, refine your search terms, and you should find what your after.



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thanks for looking into it for me biologist.


bit hard to refine my terms to lengthen words i am searching for - i.e if i want to search for info on a LSD to suit a 182..  


is there a way you can add the two words together to make six characters? putting the two words inside " " lets the search get through in terms of character numbers, but still doesn't get results (i tried combinations of 172/182/225/250/key/lsd)


and yep hamstrung - come on renault start upping the power figures  :mrgreen:

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