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  1. I was coming to say this. any of the 172/182 cars will have 10-15 year old suspension which has possibly seen better days. as the owner of a 182 cup (only clio I drove so can't compare with others) I would say go a 172/182 non cup and spend the money you saved on some new aftermarket suspension and decent tyres. second hand, good condition, coilovers etc pop up on the forum from time but I haven't seen much to suit the 182 cup floating around. .. and just read Jim's post above, forgot about the cruise control factor. Pretty sure it can be retro-fitted to 172 with some DI
  2. sneaky

    New to Renault

    Keep your eyes on the forum for OZRS or Racespec Tuning trackdays, also often a handfull of members end up at wakefield for speed off the streets days. Sydney peeps also have regular catchups for pizza on the first Tuesday of the month if you want to meet some people and chat in person.
  3. sneaky

    New to Renault

    Welcome aboard. I was looking at Team dynamics 1.2 online last week. Depending on size and colour they started around $600 aud plus delivery for 15" black/grey wheels. I decided i had more pressing priorities for my cash at this stage (and i already have about 15 factory wheels in the shed so another 4 weren't necessary). There is a thread in the clio 2 section on track/semi tyres that cover all the ins and outs as well as prices and reviews. There is heaps of knowledge on the site and behind the keyboards. Tim Edit - i saw that clio on gumtree/carsales the other night
  4. I get filters and such from the dealer, oil i use penrite hpr5 from where ever it is on special, bigger service and other work i will get renotech in sydney to do. Not sure what car you have, but i have a clio2 so warranty isn't an issue for me
  5. happy days - thanks for pointing that out
  6. new forum looks good - thanks to all involved. glad to hear that PM's will hopefully be recovered - i had some stuff in there i'd like to get my hands on again.
  7. congrats on the purchase. they are fun cars to drive
  8. sorry guys, forgot to reply on here. yep sticker arrived the other week - still not on the car though. waiting to wash car before applying sticker, but first i need to empty garage, which requires my bathroom Renault's to be completed.... it could be a while -tim
  9. hello peoples, i just donated $20 the other day through paypal. any chance of getting a sticker thrown in the post, or is there a mod/admin person in newcastle nsw? i can PM my address for someone to post a sticker out. cheers -tim
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