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For Sale Post Disappearing


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Hi Lindsay,


You currently don't meet posting requirements to list anything in the classifieds. In fact your first post on the forum on the day you joined was a For Sale post, which we don't particularly appreciate even though you may be a huge Renault fan with the best intentions.


The new forum doesn't require approval so we have to scan threads manually after they've been posted. Previously posts required approval before being visible.


You should PM an admin (Moosey or Dish are most active) to discuss an arrangement in order to have your car listed for sale here.




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I have never understood this mentality of not allowing people to post in the classifieds. I can imagine on the Mitsubishi,Subaru,Nissan websites that they don't want people using it for a quick sell, and they want people to cotribute but let's be honest not much happens on this forum! I would have thought that someone trying to sell a car on here is beneficial to the members as we might pick up a good deal before it goes onto the standard classifieds.

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